What is the route of HS2 through Warwickshire?

What is the route of HS2 through Warwickshire?

The southern section of HS2 in Warwickshire includes two viaducts in the Radbourne area, before passing Southam and entering a tunnel underneath Long Itchington Wood. The route travels on viaducts over the River Itchen and the Oxford Canal as it continues through the county.

Where are the HS2 tunnels?

The new tunnels between London and the Crewe, will form part of the HS2 network that will help connect the country, create thousands of jobs and rebalance the UK economy. Ten giant tunnel boring machines (TBMs) will dig the 103 km (64 miles) of tunnels between London and Crewe.

How far will you be able to hear HS2?

Despite an absence of official numbers, the chairwoman of the Stop HS2 group, Lizzy Williams, estimates at 50m from the track, the noise from the trains will be “between 95 and 97 decibels every two minutes if the line runs at capacity”.

What is the eastern leg of HS2?

HS2 is shaped like a ‘Y’ and is split into two phases: Phase 1 will link London with Birmingham and Phase Two connects Birmingham with Leeds (the Eastern Leg) and Manchester (the Western Leg). The true value of HS2 is its ability to connect more people, places and businesses more efficiently.

What is the route of the HS2 tunnel?

The Chiltern Tunnel is the longest tunnel on the HS2 route between London and Crewe. The twin-bore tunnel is 16km (10 miles) long and will carry passengers under the Chiltern Hills. Two Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs), Florence and Cecilia, are being used to create the tunnel.

Where does the tunnel start for HS2?

The Chiltern tunnel will carry the High Speed 2 (HS2) railway line under the Chiltern Hills in England. The twin-bore tunnels, which are 16.04 km (9.97 miles) long, will be the longest on the HS2 line….Chiltern tunnel.

System High Speed 2
Crosses Chiltern Hills
Start West Hyde
End South Heath

Which parts of HS2 is underground?

Most of the HS2 route in London will run through newly constructed tunnels. Beginning underground at Euston, the route goes to Old Oak Common, before emerging just south of the Ruislip Golf Course in West Ruislip, and then continuing on the surface.

Which villages will be affected by HS2?

Below is a breakdown of how the HS2 route would impact on each of the Cheshire East wards it is proposed to run through.

  • Wybunbury.
  • Haslington/Shavington.
  • Crewe South/Crewe East/Crewe Central/Crewe West.
  • Crewe North/Crewe St Barnabas/Crewe East/Leighton.