What is the sizes of the rims on a 2004 Ford Mustang?

What is the sizes of the rims on a 2004 Ford Mustang?

Ford Mustang 2004 4.6i

Tire Rim
225/55ZR16 7.5Jx16 ET30
245/50ZR16 7.5Jx16 ET30
245/45ZR17 8Jx17 ET30
245/40ZR18 8Jx18 ET30

What size tires fit 2004 Mustang GT?

Standard tire size: 245/45 ZR 17
Tire width (mm): 245
Tire sidewall factor: 45
Rim size (in): 17
Total wheel diameter (mm / in): 652 / 25.7

What bolt pattern is a 2004 Mustang GT?

Ford Mustang Bolt Pattern Chart

Mustang Generation Model Year Range Bolt Pattern
Fox Body 1979-1993 4 x 108mm
SN95 1994-2004 5 x 114.3mm
S197 2005-2014 5 x 114.3mm
S550 2015-2020+ 5 x 114.3mm

What size rims come on a 2004 Mustang GT?

16 Inch: These rims are the standard stock size rim on some Foxbody, 1994-2000 GTs, and 2001-2004 base model as well as convertible Mustangs.

What size are stock Mustang wheels?

Chart: Stock Mustang Wheel Sizes by Year

Year Wheel Size Center Bore
2018 GT 8×18, 8.5×19 70.5mm
2017 EcoBoost 7.5×17, 8×18 70.5mm
2017 V6
2017 GT 8×18, 8.5×19

What size tires should I put on my Mustang GT?

The GT with 20-inch wheels has 265/35R20 tires. The OEM tire for this trim is a Pirelli P Zero. The GT Performance Package and Bullit have 19-inch wheels with 255/40ZR19 tires up front and 275/40ZR19 tires in back. The OEM tire for these trims is a Pirelli P Zero or Michelin Pilot Sport 4S.

What are the advantages of bigger wheels?

Wider car wheels, in the most basic sense, result in more road contact, wider thread, and stiffer sidewalls, all of these characteristics and more will contribute to your vehicle cornering better. Bigger wheels open your car up to better design choices along with a better assortment of tires.

What tires come on a Mustang GT?

The base model is fitted with 235/55R17 all-seasons standard, with a 235/50R18 and 255/40R19 all-seasons and 265/35R20 summer optional, along with a performance package fitment of 255/40R19 summer. The EcoBoost model is fitted with 235/55R17 all-season standard, with a 235/50R18 all-season optional.

What offset are Mustang rims?

Mustang Wheel Offset Chart

Year/Model Factory Wheel Size Offset
2015-2021 Mustang (EcoBoost & GT) 17-20″ 35-50mm (H)
2010-2014 Mustang (including GT) 17-19″ 35-50mm (H)
2005-2009 Mustang (including GT) 16-18″ 35-50mm (H)
1994-2004 Mustang (including GT & Cobra) 15-18″ 35-50mm (H)

Can you fit 305 on a Mustang GT?

Yes they do! This 2017 Ford Mustang RWD is running 305 Forged FT107 20×9 wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S 265/35 tires with Air Lift Performance Air Suspension suspension, and needs No Modification and has No rubbing or scrubbing. As you can see from the pics this wheel and tire combo can be done!**

Are 18 or 20 inch wheels better?

They may provide less comfort. Due to a decreased sidewall, 20-inch tires can increase the discomfort you feel when going over potholes, speed bumps, gravel roads, and other road hazards. If you’re into off-roading, 20-inch tires might not be the best choice.

Are 17 or 18 inch wheels better?

The Quick Answer Smaller 18″ alloys will have tires with a lower profile compared to the smaller 17″ alloys. The benefits of the 18″ alloys are that they result in sharper handling and look more aesthetically pleasing, however, the 17″ alloys are more comfortable, quieter and cheaper in comparison.

What size tires should I put on my Mustang?

Chart: S197 (2005-2014) Wheel & Tire Fitment

Tire Size Rim Size Placement
245/45-19 19×8.5 Front & Rear
275/40-19 19×9.5, 19×10 Rear (19×9.5 can be used on the front)
255/35-20 20×8.5 Front & Rear
285/30-20 20×10 Rear

What is a PP2 Mustang?

Inside, PP2 adds two extra gauges for oil pressure and vacuum, as well as a unique aluminum-look finish to the instrument panel. Unfortunately, the Recaro seats you see aren’t part of the package, but have to be spec-ed for an additional $1,800.

Will a 305 tire fit on a 10in rim?

Further, 10″ wheels are outside the 10.5″-11.5″ recommended range for 305 RE11 tires, so the tire will not perform optimally. If it is more traction you are after, stick with the RE71R. The narrower RE71R will likely give you more grip than the wider RE11.

Do bigger rims get better gas mileage?

For any given speed, wheels with wider widths and larger diameters will increase momentum. This means more torque will be needed and hence more fuel will be consumed by the engine. Unless the larger diameter wheels are of a lightweight design, upsizing will affect fuel economy adversely.

What tire size gives the smoothest ride?

As a general rule, bigger wheels result in a rougher ride. Switching to a smaller wheel and a thicker tire can give you a smoother ride without any major modifications to your car. However, if you go too crazy and change your wheel size too much, it can cause some problems.

Is the GT Performance Pack worth it?

Yes, the PP is an incredible value IMO. It’s the one and only option I wanted on the car (and it’s my second car I’ve bought with it).