What is the story behind Rubber Johnny?

What is the story behind Rubber Johnny?

The concept for Rubber Johnny came from Cunningham’s imagining a raver morphing as he danced. The idea evolved to the present film, in which Johnny (played by Cunningham) is an isolated deformed (possibly hydrocephalic) teenager kept on a wheelchair and locked in a dark basement with his chihuahua.

Is Rubber Johnny still alive?

As we come to find out, Johnny died on his 15th birthday and his parents made a deal with a demon to bring him back, requiring 12 human sacrifices to permanently restore him to his normal, human self.

Who created Rubber Johnny?

Chris Cunningham

Rubber Johnny
Written by Chris Cunningham
Produced by Chris Cunningham
Starring Chris Cunningham Elvis the dog Percy Rutterford (voice)
Edited by Chris Cunningham

What does Chris Cunningham do now?

But where has Cunningham been lately? He’s been doing commercials and music videos here and there, while also being loosely affiliated with various big screen projects that never seem to pan out.

When did rubber johnny come out?

June 20, 2005 (United Kingdom)Rubber Johnny / Release date

How old is Chris Cunningham?

51 years (October 15, 1970)Chris Cunningham / Age

Who directed Aphex Twin?

Ryan Wyer
Ryan Wyer, 12, from Rush in Fingal, is the first person to direct a video for Aphex Twin since 1999’s Windowlicker, the bombastic and satirical promo directed by Chris Cunningham. Not for nothing is it frequently cited as one of the greatest music videos ever made.

Who directed Aphex Twin video?

Chris Cunningham (born 15 October 1970) is a British video artist and music video director, best known for his music videos for electronic musicians such as Autechre, Squarepusher, and most notably Aphex Twin on videos for “Windowlicker” and “Come to Daddy”, and Björk’s “All is Full of Love”.

What does Aphex Twin logo mean?

Originally conceived in 1991, the Aphex Twin logo was hand-drawn by Nicholson using circle templates and rulers. Speaking to music platform Resident Advisor, Nicholson said the logo was inspired by an etching James scratched onto the back of a leather travel case 26 years ago.

Who is octanes dad?

As we near the end of Season 12’s Quest, The Perfect Son, Lifeline and Octane stumbled upon a startling realization: Octane’s dad, Eduardo “Duardo” Silva, isn’t actually his dad. The real Eduardo Silva has been dead for a while, meaning the big bad of Apex Legends has been an imposter.