What is the story of Special 26?

What is the story of Special 26?

A group of cons pose as CBI officers and conduct bogus raids to loot politicians and businessmen. When the real CBI officers learn about this gang, they come up with a plan to catch them red-handed.Special 26 / Film synopsis

How many parts does Special 26 have?

Neeraj Pandey has registered four titles for the Special 26 sequel but may not cast Akshay Kumar owing to the initial Padman vs Aiyaary clash. Neeraj Pandey has confirmed the sequel of his 2013 hit Special 26 is in the pipeline but the filmmaker is unsure whether Akshay Kumar will be a part of it.

Did Pihu survive in real life?

New Delhi (India), July 8 (ANI): Filmmaker Vinod Kapri on Monday announced that the abandoned girl, Pihu, who he wanted to adopt could not survive and breathed her last today.

What makes special 26 so special?

The best thing about Special 26 is the title: while you may have a fair idea about what the title stands for in the film from watching the trailer, you would be surprised by how well the title serves as a motif in the film. The motif not only acts as an aid for the game-changing climax but it actually sacrifices itself for the climax.

What is Special Chabbis/Special 26?

Special Chabbis / Special 26 is that crime caper that’s all smart and serious, but never without a light touch when the situation calls for one.

Who are the Special 26 for the robbers?

His team of 26 cops proves to be the Special 26 for the robbers (and not the recruitees) which is used by the mastermind as the ignorant accomplice for the job. Instead of the showroom, the workshop of the owners gets looted where the jewellery of the showroom had been shifted by the real CBI.

How good is Neeraj Pandey’s heist film Special 26?

His screenplay required more of the crackling wit and dark humor which movies like 1986s Bette Midler starrer Ruthless People had, and some of Special 26’s cast could’ve enlivened their roles with more spontaneity, yet Neeraj Pandey pulls off a successful heist film with his flair for unexpected climaxes.