What is the summary of 13 Reasons Why?

What is the summary of 13 Reasons Why?

The recordings of a girl named Hannah Baker who commited suicide, helping her lover Clay Jensen uncover the story behind her suicide and confronting each and every single of the culprits who lead her to commit suicide.

What are the reasons why Hannah killed herself?

Season 1 of 13 Reasons Why explores the suicide of Hannah Baker, who leaves a set of tapes explaining why she took her own life. The 13 reasons include her reputation getting completely destroyed at school, her friends abandoning her and, crucially, her rape at the hands of Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice).

What is the theme of 13 reasons why book?

The novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher follows the main theme surrounding reputation and how rumors can affect people and their lives in ways much more larger than simply hurting the person. Hannah Baker suffered the change in how people saw her, how people treated her, and how she saw herself and acted.

What perspective is the 13 reasons why book?

First Person and Second Person Thirteen Reasons Why blends Hannah Baker’s audio-taped explanation for her suicide with Clay Jensen’s reactions to it. Both stories are told in the first person by the characters themselves.

Was Hannah Baker pregnant?

Season one of Netflix hit 13 Reasons Why saw Hannah (played by Katherine Langford) raped by jock Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice) which was a contributing factor to her taking her own life. However, it may be that the assault resulted in Hannah falling pregnant.

Does Zach kiss Alex?

Alex and Zach kiss on the rooftop scene from Episode 1. Courtesy of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why (Season 4).

Who is clay in love with?

Clay’s main love interest in season 1 is Hannah Baker. He has a crush on her and they even kiss at a party. Is does seem, however, that there is a spark between Clay and Skye which will likely be explored in season 2.

Why is clay on the tapes?

Clay being on the tapes also set up a reflection of the painful and equally traumatic effects a person’s suicide can have on those left behind. Clay’s sense of guilt of what he had possibly done to Hannah weighed heavily on him in the lead up to his tape.