What is the synonym of contaminate?

What is the synonym of contaminate?

Some common synonyms of contaminate are defile, pollute, and taint. While all these words mean “to make impure or unclean,” contaminate implies intrusion of or contact with dirt or foulness from an outside source. water contaminated by industrial wastes.

What contaminate means?

1 : to soil, stain, or infect by contact or association The wound was contaminated by bacteria. 2 : to make unfit for use by adding something harmful or unpleasant The water is contaminated with chemicals. contaminate. transitive verb.

What is the antonym for contamination?

What is the opposite of contamination?

cleaning cleanliness
pureness decontamination
remediation possessions
conservation assets
cleanup advantage

What is another word for not clean?

What is another word for not clean?

soiled dirty
stained sullied
tainted unclean
befouled bemired
besmirched dusty

How do you say a place is not clean?

Dirty – thesaurus

  1. dirty. adjective. not clean.
  2. filthy. adjective. very dirty.
  3. messy. adjective. very untidy or dirty.
  4. grubby. adjective. dirty and needing to be washed.
  5. grimy. adjective. very dirty.
  6. contaminated. adjective.
  7. unsanitary. adjective.
  8. unclean. adjective.

What is the extreme describing word for dirty?

contaminated, crummy, disheveled, dusty, filthy, greasy, grimy, messy, muddy, murky, nasty, polluted, sloppy, stained, unkempt, coarse, sleazy, blacken, smear, smudge.

What is the noun form of contaminate?

contaminable, adjectivecontaminant, nouncontaminative, adjectivecontaminator, noun.

What’s another word for unsanitary?

Unsanitary synonyms In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unsanitary, like: squalid, insanitary, unhealthful, sanitary, unhygienic and overcrowd.

What is the synonym of spreading?

OTHER WORDS FOR spread 1 unfold, unroll, expand. 10 emit, diffuse, radiate. 11 disperse, scatter, publish, circulate, promulgate, propagate. 15 stretch, dilate.

What is another word for catching a disease?

What is another word for catch disease?

contract catch
obtain take
afflict cause
succumb come down with
fall ill with go down with

What is another word for very dirty?

What is another word for dirty?

filthy grubby
mucky sullied
polluted smudged
stained unclean
dusty grotty

What is the adjective of contaminate?

contaminated. adulterated; impure.

How do you use contaminate in a sentence?

Contaminate sentence example

  1. They also contaminate clothing, which thus becomes another means of dissemination capable of acting at a distance.
  2. You need to be exceptionally careful not to contaminate the scene.
  3. I don’t want him to go back and contaminate the whole family.