What is the top speed of the Ultima RS?

What is the top speed of the Ultima RS?

250+ mph
ULTIMA RS Specification

Fully updated spaceframe using mainly 38mm x 1.5mm diameter tube
Standing quarter mile: 9.2 secs @ 156mph
Top speed: 250+ mph (gearing limited)
Performance (LT4 V8 ULTIMA RS):

How much does an Ultima RS cost?

around $120,000
Ready to play like you’re racing at Le Mans and take this land-based rocket for a spin? The top-end Ultima RS is priced at around $120,000, and you can visit the Ultima Sports website for more details.

How much does it cost to build an Ultima?

The Ultima RS, however, can be yours as an assembly project kit for a price “around the same ballpark price as a mundane new BMW M3, depending on options selected.” This puts it at somewhere around the US$120,000 mark, in its lowest state of tune, which still makes a very decent 430 horsepower, hitting 60 mph (98 km/h) …

How much is a radical Rxc GT Road?

If you’re looking for the ultimate racecar for the road, look no further than the Radical RXC. The trouble is that while the RXC is nominally capable of driving on public roads, like most Radicals it wasn’t certified for the United States. But now it has been.

Is Radical RXC Turbo street legal?

The Radical RXC is a line of track-only race cars and street-legal road cars built by British manufacturer Radical Sportscars. The first street-legal RXC was unveiled in January 2013 at the Autosport International auto show, and it has since been offered in many different engine and racing configurations.

What is an Ultima GTR?

The Ultima GTR is a super car manufactured by Ultima Sports Ltd of Hinckley, Leicestershire, England, and described by commentators as a supercar. The car was available both in kit form and as a “turnkey” (i.e. assembled by the factory) vehicle until early 2015, when it was replaced by the Ultima Evolution.

How much is a radical race car?

The 2021 Radical SR10 is somewhat affordable for a road-legal race car. The Radical SR10 starts from £126,000, which converts to roughly $166,000.