What is the Weather Underground known for?

What is the Weather Underground known for?

Weather Underground. The Weather Underground Organization (WUO), commonly known as the Weather Underground, was a radical left-wing domestic terrorist organization founded on the Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan.

Was anyone killed by the Weather Underground?

After the Greenwich Village explosion, in a review of the documentary film The Weather Underground (2002), a Guardian journalist restated the film’s contention that no one was killed by WUO bombs. We were very careful from the moment of the townhouse on to be sure we weren’t going to hurt anybody, and we never did hurt anybody.

Is Weather Underground related to the Weather Company?

General: Weather Underground, a corporate weather service, subsidiary of The Weather Company, and unrelated to the militant student organization; the name dates from the service’s founding as an offshoot of the weather database of the University of Michigan, where the original Weather Underground was also founded.

Who are the Weather Underground members?

Widely known members of the Weather Underground include Kathy Boudin, Linda Sue Evans, Brian Flanagan, David Gilbert, Ted Gold, Naomi Jaffe, Jeff Jones, Joe Kelly, Diana Oughton, Eleanor Raskin, Terry Robbins, Mark Rudd, Matthew Steen, Susan Stern, Laura Whitehorn, Eric Mann, Cathy Wilkerson, and the married couple Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers .

Was the Weatherman bomber unmasked as a city schoolteacher?

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What happened to the Weather Underground members?

The Weather Underground members involved in the May 19th Communist Organization alliance with the Black Liberation Army continued in a series of jail breaks, armed robberies and bombings until most members were finally arrested in 1985 and sentenced as part of the Brinks robbery and the Resistance Conspiracy case.