What is the wheel cleaner that turns purple?

What is the wheel cleaner that turns purple?

Active gel quickly dissolves heavy brake dust! Turns purple as it dissolves brake dust! Tough on road grime and dirt, but not your wheels!

Does wheel Cleaner Remove wax?

Any wheel cleaner will remove wax. Use car soap and water but with waxes they need to be reapplied fairly often.

Is Diablo wheel Cleaner acid?

Diablo Gel is non-acid based, non-caustic based, water-based extra slippery gel that safely cleans all wheels. Diablo Gel works on painted wheels, clear-coated, polished, chrome or anodized wheels. It is 100% pH balanced and neutral so it’s safe for delicate wheels.

Is iron remover safe for wheels?

You can use iron remover on painted wheels without any problems. The clear coat on your wheels is no different than the clear coat on your car’s body. Using it on chrome or bare metal could cause trouble though so make sure to do your research first.

What is the best product to remove brake dust?

We recommend a decontaminator, such as Sonax Wheel Cleaner. Spray this wheel-specific cleaner on a cool, dry wheel and wait 10 minutes or so. Though it sprays on clear, as its chemicals interact with the iron molecules in brake dust, the product’s color changes from clear to red.

Does Diablo wheel cleaner need to be diluted?

Diablo Gel Wheel & Rim Cleaner can be applied with a brush or sprayed on. Always dilute according to needs. For regular cleaning, dilute 1 part product to 6 parts water. For easy measurements in any bottle, pour 1 inch Diablo and fill the rest of the bottle with water.

Is iron remover and wheel cleaner the same?

Re: Wheel cleaner vs Iron Remover IMO they’re all the exact same, meaning they contain the same main ingredients.

How do you remove stubborn brake dust from alloy wheels?

If there’s brake dust on your vehicle’s body, you don’t want to use a cleaner designed for rims. Instead, you want to use a paint-safe iron remover. Iron removers work similarly to Decon lube. They use catalysts to remove iron deposits, and usually change color when they’re ready to rinse off.