What is the work of Nurtw?

What is the work of Nurtw?

The National Union of Road Transport Workers is an independent Nigerian trade union that serves the interests of transport workers in the road transport sector, by calling for collective obtaining and pushing for social stability for all workers in the transport sector as defined in its constitution.

Which local government generates highest revenue in Lagos?

local government of Alimosho
In 2020, the Nigerian government allocated one of its highest disbursements to the State of Lagos, which received 116 billion Naira. Of this, the local government of Alimosho was given 8.4 billion Naira, the largest amount among the 20 local governments.

How old is MC Oluomo?

47 years (March 14, 1975)Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya / Age

How many danfo buses are in Lagos?

75,000 commercial buses
There are 75,000 commercial buses (danfos) in Lagos, according to the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) estimates.

Which state in Nigeria has the smallest local government?

Abia State Abia, one of the states in the southeastern part of Nigeria, occupying a space of 6,32033 square kilometers. Its capital is Umuahia and the major commercial city is Aba. Abia state has 17 Local Government Areas, after being carved out of the former Imo State in 1991.

How many wives does Oluomo have?

MC Oluomo wey im real name na Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya na Nigerian socialite wey also be di chairman of di Lagos chapter of di National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW). Tori be say dem born am on March 14, 1975 MC Oluomo dey married to three wives and e get nine children.

How many kids does Oluomo have?

two children
MC Oluomo’s two children graduate from US varsities.

How much do danfo drivers make?

One can easily make N3,000-N5,000 (7.20-12 US dollars) daily as a Danfo driver, that’s higher than the daily wages of many employees at some companies,” he adds.

Who owns danfo Bistro?

Mr Lookman Oluwafemi Afolayan
The owner of the restaurant, Mr Lookman Oluwafemi Afolayan, a native of Ijomu-Oro in Kwara State, who has been living in the US for over 20 years explained the logic behind the presence of yellow-painted danfo bus in his restaurant and the importation of Lagos conductor’s motor park language.

What does Narto mean?


Acronym Definition
NARTO National Association of Road Transport Owners (Nigeria)
NARTO Nigerian Association of Road Transport Owners

What is the meaning of Nasu?

The Non-Academic Union of Allied and Education Institutions (NASU) is the association that represents the junior non-teaching staff in Nigerian universities.

What is the oldest local govt in Nigeria?

The Lagos City Hall, established in 1900, is the secretariat of the oldest local government in Nigeria. It is located within the Brazilian quarters, right in the center of the Lagos business district.

How long is MC Oluomo?