What is Tigris IC?

What is Tigris IC?

The Texas Instruments SN2400 Lithium Charging Management IC,, otherwise known as Tigris, is responsible for Charging function in the iPhone 6 onward. The IC is commonly damaged from corrosion, or a shorted output for a long duration. The TIGRIS IC is compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, and 7 Plus.

Can iPhone IC be repaired?

The damaged IC will be de-soldered and re-soldered with another IC chip. Your phone IC is what you must repair when damaged. To fix the phone integrated circuit, you must consider a replacement for it.

What is Tristar IC?

Application This Tristar IC Tester Board for Android Devices is used to test whether a charging issue on an Android device stems from the logic board instead of the charging port or battery.

What causes Tristar failure?

As I mentioned at the beginning, the Tristar IC is prone to damage by voltage spikes and noisy electrical signals. Either or both of these can come from cheap charge cords, wall cubes, and/or car chargers and portable batteries.

What causes power IC to damage?

We found that most power ICs are damaged because of Electrical Over Stress (EOS) on the IC input supply pins.

What is the Tristar chip?

Here find a selection of Tristar ICs. This chip, called the U2 chip on the older iPhone 5, is the chip responsible for communicating with the charger and often dies when a knockoff charger is used. A must have for any iPhone component level board repair facility!

What does a Tristar tester do?

The tristar tester tool solves this front counter dilemma. It is an easy to use tool that plugs right into the iPhone/iPad charging port and can detect most cases of a damaged tristar chip. It reports a digital PASS or FAIL result that you can show to a customer.

How does IC get damaged?

Moisture: another prominent cause of IC damages in phones has the moisture content in it. It usually happens when your phone is too cold, or when it falls into the water. And with that, moisture could damage sensitive components of your device, including the IC.