What is torrenting and how does it work?

What is torrenting and how does it work?

Torrents are a method of distributing files over the internet. They operate over the BitTorrent protocol to facilitate what’s called peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing. There are a number of benefits torrent-based file sharing has over traditional file sharing.

Is Torrenting legal in India?

In conclusion, merely visiting and downloading files from torrent sites is not illegal, provided the person is viewing and using the files for private use. But distribution, making copies and sale or hire of these files and content without the permission of the owner of the copyright is illegal.

Is Torrenting faster than downloading?

in general torrent gets faster with more sources, since it can grab more pieces of the file at the same time. @Praveen – Most of the time, the original source for a direct http download is only able to provide a limited transmission rate… say 100Kbps. Individual torrent peers are usually even more limited…

Is VPN necessary for Torrenting?

No, a VPN is not required to torrent files. The BitTorrent protocol will work regardless if you’re using a VPN, proxy, or just your normal connection.

Is VPN necessary for Torrenting in India?

Torrents are legal to download with or without a VPN. A high percentage of torrent traffic is material which is being shared in breach of copyright, which may be illegal in your jurisdiction. It usually is, but it’s not universally so.

What is the punishment for piracy in India?

An act of piracy will be punishable with: (i) imprisonment for life; or (ii) death, if the act of piracy causes or attempts to cause death. An attempt to commit, aid, support, or counsel an act of piracy will be punishable with up to 14 years of imprisonment, and a fine.

Who is behind BitTorrent?

Bram Cohen
San-Francisco-based BitTorrent Inc. was started by Bram Cohen. It was later acquired in 2018 by a Chinese uber-millionaire named Justin Sun, through his cryptocurrency company, Tron. He apparently paid $140 million for the company.