What is TZID?

What is TZID?

The presence of the SOLIDUS character as a prefix, indicates that this “TZID” represents a unique ID in a globally defined time zone registry (when such registry is defined). Note: This document does not define a naming convention for time zone identifiers.

What is Dtstart?

Property Name DTSTART Purpose. This property specifies when the calendar component begins. The default value type is DATE-TIME. The time value MUST be one of the forms defined for the DATE-TIME value type. The value type can be set to a DATE value type.

What is Dtstamp in .ics file?

This is the timestamp of the creation of a VEVENT-message in an ical or ics file. There are different types of such VEVENT-message, creating a new event-object is just one of them.

What is Tzoffsetfrom?

TZOFFSETFROM is the local time offset from GMT when daylight saving time is in operation, TZOFFSETTO is the local time offset from GMT when standard time is in operation.

What is an Rrule?

A recurrence rule, commonly referred to as an RRULE, defines the repeat pattern or rule for to-dos, journal entries and events. If specified, RRULE can be used to compute the recurrence set (the complete set of recurrence instances in a calendar component).

What is iCal link?

An iCalendar link, often shortened to “an iCal”, is a link to another calendar. iCal is an open standard for exchanging calendar and scheduling information between users and computers; it has been around since the late 1990s. It’s supported by almost every calendaring program you’re ever likely to use.

What is a vCalendar file?

vCalendar files are used to exchange information about appointments and schedules with others who are not in your work group or organization. You can also use them to schedule appointments with those who use scheduling software incompatible with yours.

How does Rrule work?

The RRULE format encapsulates a repeating pattern, such as “every Thursday”. Combined with the event’s starting time, you can figure out exactly when each future occurrence of the event should begin. Note that the RRULE itself doesn’t encode the starting times.

What is Rrule in node JS?

rrule. js supports recurrence rules as defined in the iCalendar RFC, with a few important differences. It is a partial port of the rrule module from the excellent python-dateutil library. On top of that, it supports parsing and serialization of recurrence rules from and to natural language.

How do I find the hidden address in iCal?

Under Settings for my calendars click on the calendar you want to share. Scroll down to the Integrate section. Select the url labelled Secret address in iCal format and copy it (Can’t see the link? Click here)

How do I find my iCal URL?

To get the iCal feed uRL, click on the menu button in the top right corner of your calendar. Then select iCalendar Feeds. Note that the calendar link you’re using is displayed in the top bar. You’ll see a list of the sub-calendars you included in this link, with an individual iCalendar feed URL for each one.

What opens vCalendar file?

In Outlook 2010

  1. On the File tab, select Open, and then select Import.
  2. Select Import an iCalendar (. ics) or vCalendar file (. vcs), and then select Next.
  3. Select the vCalendar file, and then select OK.

How can I view VCF Contacts on my computer?

Open Microsoft Outlook and then go to the File menu and click on the Open & Export > Import/ Export option. Now, from the Import and Export Wizard, select the Import a vCard file (. vcf) option and then press the Next button. Next, browse and open a VCF file from the source folder.