What is UCCJEA declaration?

What is UCCJEA declaration?

The UCCJEA is a uniform state law regarding jurisdiction in child custody cases. It specifies which court should decide a custody case, not how the court should decide the case.

How do I file a motion to modify custody in Oklahoma?

To modify a custody order you will need to file a Motion to Modify Custody Order with the same court where the initial custody order was issued. You will need to state why you want the modification and must show what you deem your permanent and material change in circumstance is for the court to consider your request.

How does Oklahoma calculate child support?

The schedule is based on the combined income of both parents and the number of children in the household. Each parent’s percentage share of the combined gross monthly family income sets that parent’s percentage share of the base child support obligation.

Can a parent take a child out of state without permission of the other parent in Oklahoma?

Unless your custody order specifically says a parent cannot leave the state with the child, the other parent may be able to do so during his/her time with the child.

How often can child support be modified in Oklahoma?

once every three years
At least once every three years after a child support order is established, reviewed, or modified, Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) Child Support Services (CSS) notifies all parties in a full-service case of the right to request a review of the child support order and the process for requesting a review.

What is the maximum child support in Oklahoma?

$15,000 per month
Keep in mind that Oklahoma’s child support guideline schedule goes up to $15,000 per month total combined income. If parents make more than that, the court will determine an additional amount beyond what the guidelines establish.

At what age can a child decide which parent to live with in Oklahoma?

When can my child decide which parent to live with? In Oklahoma, a minor child can express a preference as to where he or she chooses to live at the age of twelve (12).

Under what circumstances do the Uccja and the UCCJEA encourage states to decline jurisdiction?

A court must decline to exercise jurisdiction if a party has engaged in unjustifiable misconduct that resulted in the court’s jurisdiction over the case. UCCJEA, ยง208.

Does remarriage affect child support Oklahoma?

Because your new spouse had no obligation to support your children from a prior relationship. That is still the law in Oklahoma. So in that respect, remarriage wouldn’t appear to be relevant to child support.