What is US Cellular Tone Room?

What is US Cellular Tone Room?

Tone Room Deluxe is a service that enables you to access the latest and hottest content from your favorite artists for ringtones from your phone or the Web. This easy to use service features a music catalog with tens of thousands of titles for you to discover.

Is Tone Room Deluxe free?

From the web or your Tone Room Deluxe capable handset, select the option to purchase a subscription My Account Info. Upon acceptance of the terms and conditions, you will be charged the monthly service fee of $4.99 and issued two credits.

What is the Tone Room?

Tone Room v1. Cambridge50. Connect your VX, VTX or Adio/Adio Air to a Windows/Mac/iPad/iPhone/Android. with a USB cable or connect your Adio Air to a Bluetooth MIDI supported. device via wireless connection. Tone Room allows you to edit sounds, manage programs, and backup your settings.

How do I get rid of Tone Room Deluxe?

On the My Account Info screen, you will find an option to cancel service. I want to turn off Tone Room Deluxe immediately. How do I do this? Dial 611 from your U.S. Cellular phone, or 1-888-944-9400 to contact Customer Service.

Does U.S. Cellular have ringback tones?

With Ringback Radio Stations from U.S. Cellular, you pick the style of music your friends hear while they wait for you to pick up. One Ringback Station gets you up to 4 tunes, which get updated every month.

What is U.S. Cellular Navigator Deluxe?

The Your Navigator Deluxe Service allows you to obtain via your wireless device GPS-assisted navigation instructions to destinations throughout most of the United States or Canada, depending on your cellular carrier.

Does US Cellular have ringback tones?

What is US Cellular Navigator Deluxe?

How much does Navigator Deluxe cost?

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What is VOX Tone Room?

Tone Room allows for easier editing of your favorite amp models and effects and provides simple organization for your presets. The addition of Android support to Tone Room increases the already broad support for the app on Mac, iOS, and PC.

How do I connect my Vox amp to my phone?

Launch Tone Room and tap the Bluetooth button under the “Select target device” display. Tap your Bluetooth MIDI device from the list to connect. This connection operation is required each time you use a Bluetooth MIDI device.

What is US Cellular Your Navigator Deluxe?

How do I connect my VOX Tone Room?

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