What is voice and sound data?

What is voice and sound data?

voice and sound data. moving images and sound. printed material. still image, such as a landscape. real-time conversations and images.

Is a collection of unprocessed items including text numbers images audio and video quizlet?

Data is a collection of unprocessed items, which can include text, numbers, images, audio, and video.

What is sound data?

Audio Data is Amplitude and Frequency The amplitude of a sound wave shows its volume. The frequency of a sound wave represents its pitch.

What is difference between voice and sound?

The main difference between sound and voice is that sound can be produced by anything whereas voice is produced by human beings. We can simply describe the sound as things we hear. It includes the noises made by animals, natural phenomena like rain and thunder, as well as noises made by vehicles and machinery.

Is a collection of unprocessed information including text numbers image audio and video?

Which cache level uses ATC?

Short for advanced transfer cache, ATC is a type of L2 cache first included in the Intel FC-PGA and Coppermine processor. ATC allows for the L2 cache to reside entirely in the processor core and features a 256-bit wide bus.

How is sound data stored?

Sounds created on a computer exist as digital information encoded as audio files. Digital sound is broken down into thousands of samples per second. Each sound sample is stored as binary data.

How do you visualize audio data?

There are two tools to help us visualize audio, namely oscillogram and spectrogram. Oscillogram and spectrogram are derived from the two fundamental components of sound, which are Amplitude and Frequency.

How can we summarize the relationship between sound and audio?

The key difference between sound and audio is their form of energy. Sound is mechanical wave energy (longitudinal sound waves) that propagate through a medium causing variations in pressure within the medium. Audio is made of electrical energy (analog or digital signals) that represent sound electrically.

What is the difference between sound and audio quizlet?

Sound is what you record and hear while audio is the audible half of a program.

What can contain text graphics audio and video?

A web page can contain text, graphics, or other web pages. Software, Search web, Business.

Where is L1 and L2 cache located?

L1 is located on CPU chip, L2 is located between processor and main memory, but there is a point to know that in some system L2 is located on CPU chip while in some other system L2 is located on mother board itself, and L3 is constantly located on main board chip.

What connects cache to CPU?

The bus that connects the CPU to the memory is called the front-side bus (FSB) or system bus. CPU cores share Level 2 and Level 3 cache across the FSB. They will usually connect to Level 2 cache through the back-side bus (BSB).

How is data used to represent sound?

Representing sound Sound needs to be converted into binary for computers to be able to process it. To do this, sound is captured – usually by a microphone – and then converted into a digital signal. An analogue to digital converter will sample a sound wave at regular time intervals.

What is the difference between voice and sound?

Definition. Sound refers to vibrations that travel through the air or another medium like solid or liquid and can be heard when they reach a person’s ear, while voice is the sound produced by humans.

When synchronized with on screen action sound effects heighten a Programs sense of?

When synchronized with on-screen action, sound effects heighten a program’s sense of _____________. hearing. How does sound convey implications? It implies Existence and Local.

Which one contain text graphics animations sound and video and are linked to other pages?

 Web pages can contain text, graphics, audio, video, and animation, as well as interactive features, such as data entry forms and games.  Web pages usually contain hyperlinks to other web pages.

What is a combination of text graphics images audio and video to form a medium of instruction?

Multimedia is the combination of multiple forms of media and content such as interactive videos that may include audio, graphics, text, animation, simulations or demonstrations.