What is wall slamming?

What is wall slamming?

Kabedon or kabe-don (Japanese: 壁ドン; kabe, “wall”, and don, “bang”) refers to the action of slapping a wall fiercely, which produces the sound “don”. One meaning is the action of slapping the wall as a protest which occurs in collective housing like condominiums when the next room makes noise.

How do you make a kabedon?

It involves pushing a woman against a wall, which if taken out of context could be seen as abusive. One Twitter user said: “The Kabedon Challenge involves a man pushing a woman into a wall, slamming his hands against it by her head and flirting.

Where did kabedon originate?

Originating in Japan, the bizarre phenomenon of kabedon – kabe means wall and don is the thud of someone hitting it – is the latest pop culture sensation to sweep the region.

What is Agokui?

Using the thumb and the forefinger and lightly lifting somebody’s chin, a move known as “ago-kui” (ago means chin, and kui is an onomatopoeia for the sound of lifting the chin), this small gesture is a romantic step ahead of kabe-don, and gives the impression that a kiss could be just seconds away.

Is kabedon hot?

In a fictional setting, kabedon is seen as cool and attractive. However, when done in real life, kabedon is downright creepy and cringe-worthy, even in live-action fiction, like the L DK movie.

What does Yukadon mean?

ground pound
Originally, I chose the name Yukadon (lit: ground pound) to describe the way C.Viper hit the ground during a seismo. Afterwards however, yukadon and kabedon (wall pound) became popularized in Japan with a “new” definition, so I changed my name to separate myself from that nuance.

How do you escape kabedon?

So if you are pushed against a wall and your opponent has a firm grip on you, just take the weight off your feet and slide down the wall, causing the kabe-don-er to whack his noggin against it. Then for good measure, punch him in the nuts and make your escape. Et voila!

Is Kabedon assaulted?

As we’ve talked about before, kabe-don is the trendy new way for Japanese bad boys to soft sexually assault their crush.

What is reverse Kabedon?

The word 逆壁 ぎゃくかべ ドン (gyaku-kabedon, literally “reverse-kabedon”) is sometimes used to refer to kabedon executed by a female towards a male.