What is welding Coordinator?

What is welding Coordinator?

Welding coordinators supervise the workflow of welding applications. They monitor welding processes performed by other welders, supervise the staff, being sometimes responsible for vocational training. They also weld particularly demanding parts.

What is ISO 14731?

This document identifies the essential welding quality related tasks and responsibilities included in welding coordination. The principle of an assessment according to this document is that welding coordination personnel need to be competent in the welding-related tasks allocated to them.

How do you become a QC welder?

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS In order to qualify for this course, you must hold a current valid CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector certification plus three years’ experience related to the duties and responsibilities or an international equivalent.

What are the duties of a Welding Inspector?


  • Review and approve welding procedures.
  • Verify welder and welding procedure qualification compliance.
  • Verify safety requirements compliance.
  • Develop visual inspection procedures and provide NDE inspection planning/scheduling.
  • Review contract requirements and vendor/contractor compliance.

What is welding QC Inspector?

Welding inspectors are responsible for inspecting and assessing the quality and strength of welding work. Their job is to ensure welds are safe and ready to function as part of the device or structure. Welding inspectors also inspect the equipment used and ensure welders adhere to company and state safety regulations.

Who should supervise the testing of your weld?

-The test samples are tested under the supervision of the same individuals or group that witnessed the test by the applicable requirements, codes, or specifications. Qualifying and Certifying info: The process of qualifying and then certifying both the WPS and welders requires a number of specific requirements.

What is the main responsibility of welding inspector?

Oversee inspection of mechanical equipment, piping, structure and welding activities conducted at construction sites. Review original material certificate for compliances to codes and specifications. Ensure testing, measuring, welding, NDE equipment is fully calibrated per specification and has current certification.

What is the role of a welding supervisor?

Welding Supervisors combine management skills with an extensive knowledge of welding processes and welding economics to plan, staff, monitor, and safely deliver welding projects according to schedule and budget.

Who is responsible for the qualification of welding procedures?

The engineer in charge of the project provides the final approval to qualification documents, but he or she need not be the one administering the tests, performing visual inspection and conducting mechanical tests.

What are the levels of inspection in welding?

Welding Inspection – Bridging and Exam

  • AWS CWI to CSWIP Welding Inspector – Level 2.
  • AWS CWI to CSWIP Welding Inspector – Level 2 (Mandarin)
  • BGAS Welding Inspector to CSWIP Welding Inspector.
  • CSWIP Welding Inspector to BGAS-CSWIP Welding Inspector.
  • CWB to CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector.
  • CWB to CSWIP Welding Inspection.

Why PPE is important in welding?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is important for welders because there are hazards when welding, cutting, and brazing. These hazards can include exposure to metal fumes and UV radiation, burns, shocks, cuts, and broken toes.

What is welder job description?

A Welder is a professional responsible for assembling pieces of metal or repairing damage in components using heavy machinery that emits high heat, melting the metals into shape.