What is Yorn Portugal?

What is Yorn Portugal?

Yorn is a Vodafone brand, created for young people and students, providing great deals and offers to its target audience. By getting your free Yorn X 10GB SIM card, you will have access to the best service and data in Portugal, as well as: 10GB for anything you want; 15GB for social media and music apps.

How can I check my net balance in Vodafone in Portugal?

Type *111*6# in your phone keypad and then proceed as per the instructions given. If this process doesn’t work then dial, *111*6*2#. These are USSD codes which will tell you both Vodafone 3G/4G data balance as well as 2G GPRS net balance validity.

How do I activate my Vodafone SIM card in Portugal?

Activate your new SIM by dialling 1907

  1. Dial 1907 from another phone.
  2. Choose Option 1 for Mobile Services.
  3. Choose Option 3 for SIM Activation.
  4. Then Option 1 for SIM Activation.
  5. Enter your SIM Number (and self-service PIN if required)

How do I activate my Vodafone number?

Both prepaid and postpaid accounts can be activated via SMS.

  1. SMS SIMEX <19-20 digit SIM card number> to 55199.
  2. You will receive an SMS from 55199 with last 6 digits of SIM card number missing.
  3. Send last 6 digits back to 55199, within two hours of receiving SMS.
  4. Your new SIM will be activated in 20 min.

How do I activate my old Vodafone number?

How to Reactivate your Deactivated Vodafone Number

  1. Try to request re-activation via Vodafone customer care.
  2. Visit nearest vodafone store and submit reactivation request.
  3. Provide Address and Photo Id proofs.
  4. You may receive a confirmation call and then your number will be re-activated.

What is Vodafone data check number?

1) You can download the Vi™Appand view your data balance on the homescreen. 2) Also, you can dial *199# and choose the relevant option to check your data balance. !!

Who hacked Vodafone?

Vodafone said it is working with law enforcement to investigate claims of a data breach made by hacking group Lapsus$ who are threatening to leak the telecommunication giant’s source code. Lapsus$ claims it has 200 gigabytes worth of Vodafone source code.

How do I check balance on Vodafone?

To check your Vodafone prepaid balance, you are required to dial *111# from your prepaid or postpaid number and select the required option.