What kind of fondue pot does the melting pot use?

What kind of fondue pot does the melting pot use?

Electric pots
Electric pots, fashioned in pewter, are used at the five Melting Pot fondue restaurants in the Washington area. “In a restaurant situation, you have to be able to control the temperature,” says co-owner Barry Berkowitz.

What pot is best for cheese fondue?

The Best Fondue Pots

  • Best Overall: Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker.
  • Best Classic: Swissmar Lugano.
  • Best Ceramic: Boska Fondue Set.
  • Best Electric: Swissmar Mont Brule.
  • Best for Fondue Parties: Boska Mr Big Fondue.
  • Best Small: Glass and Ceramic Fondue.
  • Most Versatile: All-Clad Cast-Aluminum Fondue Pot.

Can you use any pot for fondue?

No fondue pot? Then just use a heavy bottomed pan. You should really keep some heat under the pan whilst enjoying your feast, perhaps try to rig up a trivet to stand the pan on with a couple of tealights underneath. Just make sure that you make the actually fondue on a hob and that it is hot when it reaches the table.

What are fondue pots called?

A caquelon (French: [kak. lɔ̃]) is a cooking vessel of stoneware, ceramic, enamelled cast iron, or porcelain for the preparation of fondue, also called a fondue pot.

What is special about a fondue pot?

It’s hard to go wrong with melted cheese or chocolate, especially when entertaining guests or kids. In its simplest form, a fondue pot is a vessel that sits atop a direct heat source — either a heating element or an open flame. It’s designed to stay warm on its own so it can be used on a tabletop or buffet.

Can you use a slow cooker as a fondue pot?

Yes! You can either make the Chocolate Fondue in the slow cooker and then keep it on the warm setting for several hours OR make the Chocolate Fondue up to 3-4 days ahead and refrigerate.

What is the difference between a fondue pot and a crock pot?

In a tiny fondue pot on little legs, one small bump and the whole pot could tip over. On the other hand, a crock pot is a solid appliance which won’t be likely to topple. This fact alone makes the vessel a better container for your oil fondue.

Why is kirsch in fondue?

The purpose of the kirsch is both for flavoring and to make the fondue more digestible, which can be an issue when you’re eating something with so much cheese in it.

Can you buy ready made fondue cheese?

READY-TO-SERVE FONDÜ ORIGINAL Premium Swiss cheese, wine, and spices create an original gather around the pot, fondue experience. Made with microbial rennet, suitable for vegetarians. Serving Size 1/4 cup (57g), Servings Per Container: 7, Calories 130, Total Fat 8g (10% DV), Sat.

Does cheese fondue need milk?

Milk: I used 2%, gives a good consistency. Cheese: I’ve used cheddar for a nice sharpness and Swiss cheese for a sweet, nutty flavor. Ideally grate your own cheese, as pre-shredded doesn’t melt as well. Cornstarch: To thicken.

Can you use a crockpot instead of a fondue pot?

Can you make fondue without a fondue pot? Well, yes, and you will learn how to make fondue in a crock pot today. Fondue is the perfect dish to bring to a holiday party or get-together, and it holds up really well in a crockpot.

What kind of steak is best for fondue?

But speaking about meat, the best ones for fondue are beef cuts like filet mignon, sirloin, and tenderloin.