What kind of guitar did Magic Sam play?

What kind of guitar did Magic Sam play?

Epiphone Riviera Electric Guitar Magic Sam in the studio holding an Epiphone Riviera, as evidenced by the bridge that is barely visible in the corner of the image.

When was Magic Sam born?

February 14, 1937Magic Sam / Date of birth
On February 14, 1937, blues musician Samuel “Magic Sam” Maghett was born in Grenada, Mississippi.

Where did Magic Sam live?

He was born in Grenada County, Mississippi, and learned to play the blues from listening to records by Muddy Waters and Little Walter. After moving to Chicago at the age of 19, he was signed by Cobra Records and became well known as a bluesman after the release of his first record, “All Your Love”, in 1957.

What happened to Magic Sam?

Death. His career was cut short when he suddenly died of a heart attack in December 1969. He was 32 years old. Magic Sam was buried in the Restvale Cemetery, in Alsip, Illinois.

How old was Magic Sam when died?

32 years (1937–1969)Magic Sam / Age at death
A vibrant and dynamic performer and an exceptional singer and guitarist, Sam was poised to take his career to a new national level when his life was cut short by a heart attack at the age of 32.

Is Magic Slim still alive?

February 21, 2013Magic Slim / Date of death

What was Magic Slim’s real name?

Morris HoltMagic Slim / Full name

What kind of guitar did Magic Slim play?

Gibson Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar “I like a Super Reverb (amp) and a Jazzmaster or a Les Paul,” he said. “The way I have my amp turned, I get that dull sound and my guitar has switches on it and I work them switches. But all I do is just play, man. I just try to do my best.

Where was Magic Slim born?

Yalobusha County, MSMagic Slim / Place of birth

Is Magic Sam still the king of Westside Blues?

On the first morning of December of 1969, he complained of heartburn, collapsed, and died. Even now, more than a quarter-century after his passing, Magic Sam remains the king of Westside blues. That’s unlikely to change as long as the subgenre is alive and kicking.

How did Magic Sam influence other musicians?

His guitar style, vocals, and songwriting have inspired and influenced many blues musicians. “Magic Sam had a different guitar sound,” said his record producer, Willie Dixon. “Most of the guys were playing the straight 12-bar blues thing, but the harmonies that he carried with the chords was a different thing altogether.

Why is Magic Sam called Magic Sam?

He was known for his distinctive tremolo guitar playing. The stage name Magic Sam was devised by Sam’s bass player and childhood friend Mack Thompson at Sam’s first recording session for Cobra, as an approximation of “Maghett Sam”. The name Sam was using at the time, Good Rocking Sam, was already being used by another artist.

Who encouraged Sam Maghett’s Blues playing?

Harpist Shakey Jake Harris, sometimes referred to as the guitarist’s uncle, encouraged Sam’s blues No blues guitarist better represented the adventurous modern sound of Chicago’s West side more proudly than Sam Maghett.