What kind of makeup was popular in the 1960s?

What kind of makeup was popular in the 1960s?

1960s makeup overview Early 1960s makeup was largely a continuation of late ’50s styles with soft blush, red-pink lipstick, matte eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, and lots of powder.

What influenced 1960s makeup?

Everything from rock and roll, Motown, pop, mod and psychedelic rock influenced the style of makeup worn. 1960s music took on the messages of the youth and the era.

Why was folk music important in the 1960s?

American folk music in the early 60s was driven by the need of young people to define themselves against the older generation by using this music. They were trying to prove themselves as Americans in a heartfelt 1950s fashion, using American tools, American songs—but not like their parents.

What did 1960s makeup look like?

Face makeup in the 60s was minimal – no highlighter, no bronzer, and absolutely no contour! Women from the 60s would typically apply matte foundations and brightening concealers and set their makeup with a setting powder to make the base even more matte.

Did hippies use makeup?

Many hippies went with a lighter makeup look that emphasized more color play on the eyes. It was light, effortless, and focused on adding depth to the eyes, along with loads of mascara and blush.

How did the folk music revival affect the birth of rock in the 1960’s?

How Did Folk-Rock Emerge From the 1960s Folk Revival? It can be argued that folk-rock started with the Weavers, who started the folk-pop movement. Eventually, the advent of folk-pop, and the influence (and popularity) of rock bands like the Beatles, helped inspire folk revivalists to experiment with folk-rock.

What is the historical significance of folk music?

The term originated in the 19th century, but folk music extends beyond that. Starting in the mid-20th century, a new form of popular folk music evolved from traditional folk music. This process and period is called the (second) folk revival and reached a zenith in the 1960s.

How did music change in the 1960s?

Unlike the 1950s, in which the birth of rock and roll dominated the decade, jazz, pop, and folk music all gathered devoted listeners in the 1960s. Rock and roll continued to grow as a musical form, with a clear split between “hard,” rebellious rock and lighter, “soft” rock—which sounded a lot like pop music.

What does mod mean in makeup?

Everyone (at least the women!) loved makeup and it was characterized by the bold looks that most women sported during this era. Also 1960s was the age of Alfie and Twiggy and cat eyes were long forgotten. Mod makeup or short for ‘Modernist’ makeup was all about the lashes.

How do you do 60s lashes?

To recreate a 1960s (think Twiggy) look with just mascara, curl lashes (try best-selling Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler), and then layer on a black, thickening formula like L’Oréal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara or Urban Decay Waterproof Perversion.

What is a Mod look?

Dressing like a mod means wearing stylish and tailored clothing in bold prints, bright colors, and black and white. Men wore tailored suits, polos, and slim-fitting pants, while women wore mini-skirts, twin-sets, fitted pants, and shift dresses.

How do I get my 60s mascara to look?

Steps to Get the 60s Makeup Look

  1. Step 1: Prime your eyelids.
  2. Step 2: Go for white eyeshadow.
  3. Step 3: Draw a black line along your eye crease.
  4. Step 4: Go for a gentle cat eye.
  5. Step 5: Go for big faux eyelashes.
  6. Step 6: Draw four dots on your lower lash line.
  7. Step 7: Mascara, mascara, mascara.

How do they cut creases in the 60s?


  1. Apply primer.
  2. Cut the crease with foundation or concealer.
  3. Apply your chosen shade to your eyelids, leaving a small gap between it and your other shadow.
  4. Use a small brush and concealer to redefine the crease.
  5. Apply liquid eyeliner, creating a wing that follows the line of the cut crease.

How can a woman dress like a mod?

How do I make my mod look?

Pair a fitted polo with slim-fit chinos and Chelsea boots to create a totally mod look. Wear a brightly-colored shirt with your suit to stand out in a modern way, or even put a parka on over your button-up and add a lace-up desert boot. Wear a mop-top. During mod times, many men wore their hair longer than usual.