What kind of pastry is a kringle?

What kind of pastry is a kringle?

Danish pastry
So, what is a Kringle? Strictly speaking, it’s a Danish pastry made with a buttery dough and lots of layers, making it light and flaky. The inside is filled with various fillings such as fruits and nuts before the Kringle is baked golden-brown and then drizzled with icing.

What is kringle made of?

Made from layers of buttery dough, a kringle is a light and flaky Danish pastry holding yummy fillings. Our famous Racine-made delicacy boasts a large oval shape filled with various kinds of fillings such as fruit, nut and rich chocolate flavors then topped with a velvety icing.

Why is it called a kringle?

Once the Danish bakers returned to their jobs, they continued to make dough the Austrian way. It is the shape of a kringle (pretzel-shaped) in Denmark, which is the Danish sign for a bakery (hence the name kringle).

Who made the original kringle?

Kringle started out as the Nordic version of a pretzel, possibly made as early as the 13th century by Roman Catholic monks, especially in Denmark. Its name derives from the Old Norse “kringla” meaning a circle or oval. Danish immigrants brought the treat with them when they settled in Racine in the late 19th century.

Which country uses kringle?

If you ever travel to Denmark, you’ll notice that the many bakeries that line the streets feature a kringle (or what looks like an upside-down pretzel) on their doors.

Is kringle only in Wisconsin?

Other places where kringles may be found in the United States include the Ballard area of Seattle, Washington; Redmond, Washington; Solvang, California; central Iowa, specifically Story City, IA; Burr Ridge, Illinois; Springfield, Missouri and Watertown, Massachusetts.

What is the traditional kringle flavor?

Some of the most popular classic kringle flavors include: Pecan. Raspberry. Almond.

Where did kringle pastry originate?

Kringle (/ˈkrɪŋɡəl/, listen (help·info)) is a Northern European pastry, a variety of pretzel. Pretzels were introduced by Roman Catholic monks in the 13th century in Denmark, and from there they spread throughout Scandinavia and evolved into several kinds of sweet, salty or filled pastries, all in the shape of kringle.

Does Trader Joe’s still sell kringles?

Trader Joe’s offers Danish Kringles from O&H Danish Bakery which is based in Racine, Wisconsin. A family-owned bakery since 1949, O&H Danish Bakery Inc. is a bakery & dessert gifts shop that has made kringles a holiday favorite nationwide, especially since Trader Joe’s made them available through its chain of stores.

What does kringle mean in German?

Christ child
/ˌkrɪs ˈkrɪŋɡl/ /ˌkrɪs ˈkrɪŋɡl/ ​a US name for Father Christmas. It comes from the German word Christkindl, meaning Christ child, because German children believe that the baby Jesus brings presents during the Christmas season.

What states sell kringle?

What country does Kris Kringle come from?

Santa Claus Around the World Christkind or Kris Kringle was believed to deliver presents to well-behaved Swiss and German children. Meaning “Christ child,” Christkind is an angel-like figure often accompanied by St. Nicholas on his holiday missions.