What languages have dependent types?

What languages have dependent types?

The language feature is called dependent types (i.e., types depend on terms). Prominent dependently-typed languages include Coq, Nuprl, Agda, Lean, F*, and Idris.

How does dependent type work?

A dependent type is the label used to indicate that the output’s type (i.e. the type of the co-domain) depends on the actual input value/argument passed to the (dependent) function. e.g. F:forall a:A, Y(A) means the input type of F is A and that depending on the specific value of a the output type will be Y(a) .

Why is Idris a language?

Idris is a purely-functional programming language with dependent types, optional lazy evaluation, and features such as a totality checker. Idris may be used as a proof assistant, but it is designed to be a general-purpose programming language similar to Haskell.

What is type C Dependant Canada?

Type C. The child is 22 years of age or older, has depended substantially on the financial support of a parent since before the age of 22, and is unable to provide for himself or herself because of a medical condition.

What does dependently mean?

Determined, influenced, or controlled by something else. 2. Grammar Subordinate to another clause, phrase, or word. 3. Relying on or requiring the aid or support of another: adult children who are still dependent on their parents.

Is Haskell dependently typed?

Type inference Dependent Haskell embodies type inference, just like Haskell. Indeed, every Haskell program is a DH program: no extra type annotations are required. This stands in contrast to some dependently-typed languages (e.g. Agda, Idris) that require every binder to be explicitly type-annotated.

What is Dependant type ABC?

Definitions of dependent child (types A, B and C) The child is under the age of 22 and is single (not married and not in a common-law relationship).

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Is dependently an adverb?

adverb. ‘Past collaborative efforts have not been successful because teacher-education units have chosen to work dependently rather than interdependently on matters such as recruitment. ‘

Is Haskell still developed?

The last formal specification of the language was made in July 2010, while the development of GHC continues to expand Haskell via language extensions. Haskell is used in academia and industry.

Does C++ have dependent types?

Technically (and truly), C++ has dependent types, as types can depend on values [edit: matt-noonan has corrected me and pointed out this is wrong, but I think most of this comment is still useful].

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