What Mayan ruins are near Costa Maya?

What Mayan ruins are near Costa Maya?

Chacchoben Ruins, is located 90 KM West of Costa Maya, that is only a 50 minute ride from the Costa Maya Port. Our popular Chacchoben Ruins Tour can be combined with another activity to make the most out of your day.

Are there Mayan ruins in Costa Maya Mexico?

Costa Maya’s Chacchoben Mayan Ruins Although not as well known (yet) as its counterparts in the northern Yucatan, the recently opened Chacchoben Mayan Ruins, offers an amazing look into the history and culture of this fascinating civilization.

Can you climb the Chacchoben Mayan ruins?

It isn’t possible to climb to the top of the temples at Chacchoben. Visitors are allowed to climb only a few steps of all the temples, all over the site you will see ropes marking how far you can go. Are there shops at Chacchoben?

Where is the best place to see the Mayan ruins?

Best Places to See Mayan Ruins

  • Tulum. Tulum is a pre-Columbian Mayan City which still upholds so many of its famous ruins.
  • Ek’ Balam.
  • Chichen Itza.
  • Coba.
  • Palenque.
  • Uxmal.
  • Tikal, Guatemala.
  • Copan, Honduras.

Are the Chacchoben Mayan ruins worth visiting?

The Mayan site is not very large however it is still interesting and worth the visit if in Costa Maya. Our tour lasted about four hours including a 45 minute drive to and returning from the site. Ware good walking shoes and be prepared to climb steep steps to visit the whole site.

Are Chacchoben ruins open?

Getting To Chacchoben It is easy to mix up the village and the ruin site. We did the first time we visited! The site is open from 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday thru Sunday. It is important to note; cruise ships docked at the Costa Maya Port in Mahahual include Chacchoben in their excursions.

Which Mayan ruins can you still climb?

The pyramids and temples are common at most of the ancient Mayan sites around Yucatan and Quintana Roo but to prevent injury and damage to them many are roped off and you can’t climb. There are though 3 that you can climb. Coba, Uxmal and one in Izamal.

What is Costa Maya Mexico near?

Costa Maya is a small tourist region in the municipality of Othón P. Blanco in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, the only state bounded by the Caribbean Sea to its east. This municipality is close to Chetumal (capital of the state) on the border with Belize.

How old are Mayan ruins in Costa Maya?

Costa Maya’s Chacchoben Mayan Ruins Chacchoben, “the place of red corn” in the Mayan language, is a ruin which may date from 200 B.C. The structures found here date from 700 A.D. The site is quickly becoming one of the most popular amongst Costa Mayan excursions.

Why can you no longer climb Chichen Itza?

But one day, a couple of tourists had an accident while they were climbing, one of them died. These visitors were older adults and maybe they felt tired and then happened the worst. Due to this event, the cultural authorities decided to ban this activity since then.

Can you climb Tulum ruins?

1. Get there early. The first time I visited Tulum was over 15 years ago when the site was far less popular than it is today. It was so quiet that the archaeological ruins had yet to be roped off and tourists could climb and walk all over them as they pleased.

Is Tulum close to Costa Maya?

How far is it from Costa Maya to Tulum? The distance between Costa Maya and Tulum is 169 km. The road distance is 221.7 km.

Which ruins are better Tulum or Chichen Itza?

By virtue of being a UNESCO site and a World Wonder, Chichen Itza is pretty crowded throughout the year. Especially more so during the equinoxes. If you wish to explore Mayan ruins in some peace, then Tulum is a better option. Even better, go to Ek Balam or Coba.