What MBTI was Jane Austen?

What MBTI was Jane Austen?

According to accounts and texts, Jane was most likely an Enneagram Type Five, and a Myers-Briggs INTJ. Here’s more about her fascinating and unique personality.

Which MBTI is most formal?

INFJ. Thanks to their ability to intuit other people’s emotions, INFJs are usually very polite and sensitive. This personality type tends to be reserved and private so you can expect any exchange with them to be courteous.

Which MBTI is most Organised?

ESTJ—The Guardian

  • Traditional and highly organized, ESTJs tend to know exactly how they want things to be.
  • ESTJs are moral and place security and harmony above all else.

Which MBTI type is the coolest?

Here’s Why ISTPs Might Just Be The Coolest Personality Type ISTPs are undeniably one of the coolest (if not THE coolest) of the personality types. They have a laid-back and no-nonsense demeanor that often draws people to them.

What personality type is Oscar Wilde?

As an ESTP, Oscar tends to be exciting, energetic, and bold.

Which MBTI type is the coldest?

INTJ: You are the coldest shard of ice, but also the hottest flash of lightning.

What MBTI is a clean freak?

ENFJ. ENFJs are often very organized people, and enjoy keeping things neat and clean.

Which MBTI is most quiet?

#13 – ISFP ISFPs are quiet, reserved types who like to focus their attention on people and the experiences they enjoy. They aren’t typically big talkers unless someone they’re talking about something deeply important to them or they’re trying to empathize verbally with someone.

Who is the most talkative MBTI?

Intuitives (N) More Talkative than Sensors (S) One can readily witness this difference in talkativeness, for instance, between ESP (i.e., ESFP & ESTP) and ENP (i.e., ENTP & ENFP) types.

What MBTI is Shakespeare?

Three literary greats in history—William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth and J.R.R. Tolkien established bodies of work that are revered to this day.

Which MBTI is the most childlike?

INFP. INFPs definitely have childlike personalities, and have a way of keeping this innocence with them throughout life.