What meant of spindly?

What meant of spindly?

long and thin appearance
Definition of spindly 1 : of a disproportionately tall or long and thin appearance that often suggests physical weakness spindly legs. 2 : frail or flimsy in appearance or structure a spindly tower. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About spindly.

What gangling means?

tall, thin
Definition of gangling : tall, thin, and awkwardly built : lanky, gangly He is a tall, rather gangling man, with straggly dark hair, a sort of misshapen handsomeness and a crinkly smile.—

What is a sentence for spindly?

How to use Spindly in a sentence. Asparagus spears remain spindly and thin until the third year. Their wings are light and billowy, and their legs are long and spindly. Its spindly arms reach up to the ceiling like growing vines.

Which is the closest antonym for the word spindly?

antonyms for spindly

  • chubby.
  • fat.
  • plump.
  • thick.

How do you spell Spindy?

adjective, spin·dli·er, spin·dli·est.

Is spindly a verb or adjective?

adjective, spin·dli·er, spin·dli·est. long or tall, thin, and usually frail: The colt wobbled on its spindly legs.

What is the meaning of Rawboned?

Definition of rawboned : relatively thin with prominent bone structure also : heavy-framed and rugged but not attractively built.

What does garbling herbs mean?

GARBLING, TO GARBLE – Garbling is the old-fashioned and technical term used by herbalists to denote the process of stripping dried herb leaves from their stems, removing the ‘impurities’ such as twigs and stems, yellowed and decayed leaves, fauna, etc. to prepare them for storage and/or use.

How do you spell Garbel?

Webster Dictionary

  1. Garbelnoun. same as Garboard. Etymology: [Cf. Garble, v. t.]
  2. Garbelverb. anything sifted, or from which the coarse parts have been taken. Etymology: [Cf. Garble, v. t.]

What does fat Kidneyed mean in Shakespeare?

Definition of fat-kidneyed obsolete. : gross, clumsy.

What is another word for tall and thin?

Some common synonyms of lanky are gaunt, lank, lean, rawboned, scrawny, skinny, and spare.

What does it mean when a girl calls you sappy?

Definition of sappy 1 : abounding with sap. 2 : resembling or consisting largely of sapwood. 3a : overly sweet or sentimental. b : lacking in good sense : silly.