What movie is the song wonderful wonderful in?

What movie is the song wonderful wonderful in?

“‘S Wonderful” is a 1927 popular song composed by George Gershwin, with lyrics written by Ira Gershwin. It was introduced in the Broadway musical Funny Face (1927) by Adele Astaire and Allen Kearns. The song is considered a standard and has been recorded by many artists, especially jazz artists.

Why are the words clipped short in S Wonderful?

Much has been made of the syllable clipping that characterizes the lyrics for “‘S Wonderful.” Deena Rosenberg points out that Ira Gershwin had, in fact, introduced a new contraction into written English by clipping the “it” from “it’s” and “slurring” the remaining ‘S’ [into] the remaining word, causing a sibilant …

Who wrote S Wonderful?

George GershwinS’Wonderful / ComposerGeorge Gershwin was an American pianist and composer, whose compositions spanned both popular and classical genres. Wikipedia

When did Johnny Mathis record wonderful wonderful?

Wonderful, Wonderful (Johnny Mathis album)

Wonderful, Wonderful
Recorded March 27, 1957 March 28, 1957 April 1, 1957
Studio CBS 30th Street Studio, New York City
Genre Vocal
Length 36:38

Who sings the song Wonderful Wonderful?

Johnny Mathis
In the United States, a recording by Johnny Mathis reached number 14 on the Billboard charts….Wonderful! Wonderful!

“Wonderful! Wonderful!”
Label Columbia
Songwriter(s) Sherman Edwards, Ben Raleigh
Producer(s) Ray Conniff
Johnny Mathis singles chronology

Who recorded the famous solo piano recording you’ve got to be modernistic in 1930?

The Decca CD, Snowy Morning Blues, contains 20 sides recorded for the Brunswick and Decca labels, between 1930 and 1944. This CD includes an eight-tune Fats Waller Memorial set, and two solos, “Jingles”, and “You’ve Got to be Modernistic”, which demonstrate Johnson’s hard swinging stride style.

Who sang the song Our Love Is Here to Stay?

Tony Bennett
Diana Krall
Love Is Here To Stay/Artists

When was nice work if you can get it written?

Nice Work If You Can Get It (song)

“Nice Work If You Can Get It”
Song by Fred Astaire
Published September 16, 1937 by Gershwin Publishing Corp., New York
Released November 1937
Recorded October 17, 1937

Who originally sang wonderful wonderful?

Wonderful! Wonderful!

“Wonderful! Wonderful!”
Songwriter(s) Sherman Edwards, Ben Raleigh
Producer(s) Ray Conniff
Johnny Mathis singles chronology
“Wonderful! Wonderful!” (1956) “It’s Not for Me to Say” (1957)

What is the song wonderful wonderful about?

The Killers frontman revealed that one of his biggest inspirations writing the Wonderful Wonderful album was Tana’s struggle with mental health issues. This song, for instance, references his wife as a “motherless child” being rescued by the Mormon couple’s faith.

Who was considered the bridge between stride piano and bebop styles?

One of my favorite records is Alone In San Francisco, 1959, and I love the tune “There’s Danger In Your Eyes, Cherie.” Monk had amazing taste in tunes. Hank Jones: Hank Jones is the most complete contemporary jazz pianist. He is the true bridge between the swing style of Teddy Wilson and the modern bebop language.

Who was the most famous stride piano player?

Stride jazz piano, often abbreviated to stride, is a jazz piano style that arose from ragtime players. Prominent stride pianists include James P. Johnson, Willie “the Lion” Smith, Fats Waller, Luckey Roberts, and Mary Lou Williams….Stride (music)

Cultural origins 1920s
Derivative forms Kansas City jazz

What was Duke Ellington’s most famous piece?

Caravan. Caravan is of Duke Ellington’s most famous songs, and a classic example of the “Spanish tinge” in jazz.

What year was our love is here to stay written?

When it was written in 1937, the Gershwin brothers’ song “Love is Here to Stay” was certainly not intended to have any political connotations. In fact, it initially did not attract much attention at all, since it was given quite cursory treatment in the film, The Goldwyn Follies (1938), for which it was composed.

What was Gershwin’s last song?

Love Is Here to Stay
The ballad “Love Is Here to Stay” was the final composition George Gershwin completed. Ira Gershwin wrote the poignant words after his brother’s untimely death. It was introduced by singer Kenny Baker in the 1938 motion picture The Goldwyn Follies.

Who originated the role of Jimmy Winter in Nice Work If You Can Get It on Broadway?

Matthew Broderick
Cast and characters

Character Broadway U.S. Tour
Jimmy Winter Matthew Broderick Alex Enterline
Billie Bendix Kelli O’Hara Mariah MacFarlane
Cookie McGee Michael McGrath Reed Campbell
Eileen Evergreen Jennifer Laura Thompson Rachel Scarr

What happened Johnny Mathis?

Mathis died yesterday, one day short of his 81st birthday. According to CountryJohnnyMathis.com, Mathis died of complications from pneumonia and left behind four children and a wife of 43 years. He also left behind over 500 songs, recorded by legendary artists like George Jones, Ray Price and Tammy Wynette.