What period are Chesterfield sofas?

What period are Chesterfield sofas?

It may surprise you to know that Chesterfield sofas are thought to date as far back as the mid-1700s, when Lord Philip Stanhope commissioned a piece of furniture which evolved to be the much-admired Chesterfield sofa we know today.

Why do they call a couch a Chesterfield?

Chesterfield sofas are large couches with rolled arms the same height as the back, and typically with deep button tufting and nail-head trim. The lore around the Chesterfield is that it was invented when the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Stanhope (1694-1773), commissioned a similar sofa in the mid-18th century.

What should I look for when buying a Chesterfield sofa?

Leather is the classic choice for a Chesterfield sofa, and you should look for the use of premium full hide, and not split or imitation material. The leather should have been hand-tacked by a skilled craftsperson to ensure it is secure to the frame and that it has an even spread, without any baggy sections.

What does Chesterfield mean in English?

Definition of chesterfield 1 : a single-breasted or double-breasted semifitted overcoat with velvet collar. 2 : a davenport usually with upright armrests.

What type of furniture is a Chesterfield?

A Chesterfield sofa is a type of sofa that features rolled arms and tufted upholstery. Traditionally, a Chesterfield sofa’s upholstery is dark leather.

Who is the most famous person from Chesterfield?

Seven famous faces you didn’t know were from Chesterfield

  • Sir John Hurt CBE. Sir John Hurt was born in Chesterfield in 1940.
  • Paul Burrell. Paul Burrell, born in Grassmoor, was a former servant of the Royal Family and famously Princess Diana’s butler.
  • Barbara Castle.
  • Jo Guest.
  • James Hill.
  • Fred Davis.
  • Simon Groom.

What did Chesterfield used to be called?

However, the Roman fort gave its name to Chesterfield. However, by the 10th century, a village had grown up at Chesterfield. The Saxon word for a Roman fort or town was caester and their word for grazing land was feld. So the village was Caester Feld.

Is Chesterfield a name?

English: habitational name from a place in Derbyshire named Chesterfield, from Old English ceaster ‘Roman fort’ + feld ‘open country’.