What personality type are cancers?

What personality type are cancers?

On the plus side, Cancer is a devoted, cautious, perceptive, and loving disposition. Cancers have a reputation for being hyper emotional, temperamental, and spiteful. Cancers, in additional to being devoted, are extremely fond of their loved ones, often to an unhealthy degree.

What are Cancer positive traits?

On the good side, the Cancer personality is loyal, protective, intuitive, and caring. On the bad side, Cancers are overly sensitive, moody, and vindictive. We look at each of these Cancer traits in detail below.

What are ESTPs best at?

About ESTP – ‘The Promoter’ They have a special ability to react quickly in an emergency or crisis situation. ESTPs tend to choose careers that allow a lot of interaction with people in a fast-paced environment and do not require a lot of routine, detailed tasks. ESTPs are excellent sales people.

What is a cancer’s hidden talent?

Many of us know Cancers for being sensitive, nurturing, and maybe a little moody. But Cancers are cardinal signs, which means they’re natural leaders who know how to take initiative and create things. That said, one of Cancer’s strengths is the ability to create safe spaces that make people feel super comfortable.

What zodiac is Estp?

Aries (March 21 – April 19): ESTP Aries, you are confident, independent, and passionate. You love taking charge and are extremely spontaneous to the point of being impulsive!

Are Cancers toxic zodiac?

The toxic trait of Cancer – Jealousy The Crabs can be really possessive, especially in love. When they care about someone, they will pinch and hold onto them tightly. Cancerians expect undivided attention in return for their unconditional love. And not everyone can handle the pressure.

How rare is ESTP?

ESTPs make up: 4% of the general population. 6% of men. 3% of women.

What MBTI are most cancers?

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): INFJ.

Is ESTP rare for girls?

ESTP is one of the less common variants of the sixteen Myers-Briggs personality types. They’re usually very talkative, and women with this personality type are often the life of any party they attend….Fast Facts on ESTP Women.

Category Likelihood of being ESTP
General Population 4%
Women 3%
Men 6%