What Pokemon game has the darkest story?

What Pokemon game has the darkest story?

The Pokemon franchise has always had a bit of an edge to it. After all, the game is all about imprisoning sentient and intelligent animals and forcing them to fight each other for sport, honor, and friendship.

What is the dark truth about Pokemon?

Arguably the most disturbing dark truth about Pokémon is the one which is most readily apparent: at its core, Pokémon is a game about hunting unsuspecting wild animals, beating them to within an inch of their life, capturing them in a tiny, uncomfortable round prison, and then training them to fight other animals to …

What is the most messed up Pokemon?

The 20 Most Horrifying Pokedex Entries Across The Pokemon Games

  1. 1 Drifblim. Drifblim is said to be a collection of souls, but that isn’t the terrifying part.
  2. 2 Dusknoir. “With the mouth on its belly, Dusknoir swallows its target whole.
  3. 3 Yveltal.
  4. 4 Tsareena.
  5. 5 Palossand.
  6. 6 Phantump.
  7. 7 Mimikyu.
  8. 8 Mismagius.

Which Pokemon game has the shortest story?

The first of the series’ mainline entries to be on a home console instead of a handheld, Sword & Shield also happen to be one of the shortest. While hour count doesn’t directly translate to quality, the games do feel very light on content, especially compared to earlier entries in the series.

What is inside Mimikyu?

Mimikyu is a small Pokémon whose body is almost entirely hidden under an old rag. Its small size makes it one of, if not the shortest Ghost-type. Its beady black eyes are visible through holes in the body of its disguise, and the fringe of an amorphous foot or lower body is visible under the hem.

What Pokemon game is longest?

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Are The Longest Games In The Series To 100% Pokemon Sword and Shield come out to more than 100 less, even with the DLC added.

What’s the longest Pokémon game?

Yet with eight generations, and multiple versions in each generation, one might wonder which game takes the longest to 100%. According to How Long To Beat, the Gen IV Pokemon Diamond & Pearl require the most time for total completion. The website claims that the Gen IV games need 268 hours to achieve 100% completion.

Which Pokémon is always crying?

When Whismur cries, the sound of its own voice startles it, making the Pokémon cry even louder. It cries until it’s exhausted, then it falls asleep. The cry of a Whismur is over 100 decibels. If you’re close to a Whismur when it lets out a cry, you’ll be stuck with an all-day headache.