What protocol is used between SGSN and GGSN?

What protocol is used between SGSN and GGSN?

GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP)
The protocol used for the tunnel between the SGSN and GGSN is the GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP).

What is GPRS protocol stack?

The GPRS protocol stack is a key element within the overall GPRS handset or base station. It enables the different functions to be split into different layers so that the correct priorities. The protocol stack enables the exchanges to take place in the required fashion and to be managed in an orderly fashion.

What is the difference between GTP C and GTP U?

GTP-C supports transport of control packets in IPv4 format. GTP-U— Transports user data within the core GPRS network and between the Radio Access Network (RAN) and the core network. GTP-U supports IPv4 and IPv6 user data, but transport is IPv4.

What is LTE protocol stack?

The protocol stack functions consist of the Medium Access Control (MAC), Radio Link Control (RLC), Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP), and Radio Resource Control (RRC). LTE is the latest generation of the 3GPP standards. The LTE standard specifies an IP-only network supporting data rates up to 150 Mbps.

What is the interface between SGSN and GGSN in a GPRS network?

The connection between the SGSN and the GGSN is enabled through a protocol called the GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP). The connection between the GGSN and the PDN is enabled through the Internet Protocol (IP). To assign mobile sessions an IP address, the GGSN uses the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

Why do we have protocol stacks?

The protocol stack is used to allow the combination of different protocols that each set the boundaries for a number of network activities. Historically, only networks that complied with certain technologies could communicate.

Why is tunneling needed between the GGSN and SGSN?

In order to reduce the load of passing the user plan data by the SGSN, the SGSN may decide to establish direct tunneling between the RNC and the GGSN.

What are the protocol stacks used in 5G?

The SDAP protocol is new in 5G NR compared to the LTE protocol stack….The 5G NR radio access network is comprised of these protocol entities:

  • Service data adaptation protocol (SDAP)
  • Packet data convergence protocol (PDCP)
  • Radio link control (RLC)
  • Medium access control (MAC)
  • Physical layer (PHY)

What is role of SGSN GR GGSN component?

If signal comes to BSC and that signal contains data, then PCU routes to the SGSN. Interface is used between BSC and PCU is FRI interface. After signal comes to SGSN, it delivers the data packet to the GGSN. GGSN routes the data packet to the data network (PDN- Predefined Data Network).

What is the role of SGSN GR and GGSN components?

SGSN, Serving GPRS Support Node: The SGSN forms a gateway to the services within the network. GGSN Gateway GPRS Support Node: The GGSN, forms the gateway to the outside world. PCU, Packet Control Unit: The PCU detects whether data is to be routed to the packet switched or circuit switched networks.

Is OSI model a protocol stack?

The OSI protocol stack is structured into seven conceptual layers. The layers form a hierarchy of functionality starting with the physical hardware components to the user interfaces at the software application level.