What questions can you legally ask references?

What questions can you legally ask references?

Here are some of the questions that may be asked during a reference check:

  • When did (name) work for your company? Could you confirm starting and ending employment dates?
  • What was her/his position?
  • Could I briefly review (name’s) resume?
  • Why did (name) leave the company?
  • What was her/his starting and ending salary?

What is a good reference question?

HERE’S OUR LIST OF THE 10 OF THE BEST QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN CHECKING REFERENCES: Can you verify the job candidate’s employment, job title, pay, and responsibilities? Why did they leave that job? How do you know the job candidate?

How do you prepare a reference call?

Here are a few tips for preparing your references for future phone calls.

  1. Contact each reference to verify contact information.
  2. Provide each reference with a job summary and timeline.
  3. Let your references know you’re applying for a new job.
  4. Coach your references about the information they should provide.

How do you ask a professional reference?

  1. Ask a direct supervisor or professional mentor.
  2. Inform the person beforehand and give plenty of notice.
  3. Give your reference the appropriate background information.
  4. Inform the person how you’ll use their reference.

How do you conduct a reference check?

Reference check steps

  1. Verify the candidate’s name.
  2. Confirm how they know the candidate.
  3. Ask what makes the candidate a good fit.
  4. Have the reference rank the candidate.
  5. Find out the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Ask about the candidate’s behavior.
  7. Take the process seriously.
  8. Conduct two verbal checks.

What to say when checking references?


  • Identify yourself, your title, organization name and tell them you are calling about a reference for a candidate you are considering.
  • Ask if now is a good time to talk or whether they would rather schedule a call at a later time.

What do you say when calling a reference?

“The highest praise you can give [in a reference check] is saying something like, ‘I would hire this person in a heartbeat. This is a person I want on my team. ‘” Sometimes reference checkers ask about a candidate’s weaknesses or press you to rank the candidate based on other employees.

What do you say in a reference check?

What can you ask during a reference check?

  • “How did this person manage a team?”
  • “What are some examples of this individual acting as a team player?”
  • “What was it like to supervise this former employee?”
  • “How effective was this person with completing the work given to them?”

How do you talk to references?

General guidelines to follow are to say hello, explain who you are, confirm they’re ready to talk, and thank the person for their time. Be friendly to set them at ease. Confirm how long they are available to talk—a hurried or interrupted reference call will be unproductive.

What do you say when someone is reference?

Here are five elements all personal reference letters should include:

  • Start by explaining your relationship to the candidate.
  • Include long you’ve known the candidate.
  • Add positive personal qualities with specific examples.
  • Close with a statement of recommendation.
  • Offer your contact information.