What regional council is Toowoomba?

What regional council is Toowoomba?

The Toowoomba Region is a local government area located in the Darling Downs part of Queensland, Australia….Toowoomba Region.

Toowoomba Region Queensland
Council seat Toowoomba
Region Darling Downs
State electorate(s) Toowoomba North Toowoomba South Condamine Nanango Southern Downs

Is Toowoomba a regional Centre?

Known as the Garden City due to the annual carnival of flowers, Toowoomba is a vibrant regional hub for the well-known agriculture and mining based communities that make up the Surat Basin and Darling Downs.

Is Toowoomba regional or metro area?

The Toowoomba Regional Council area encompasses a total land area of about 13,000 square kilometres. The main urban centre is Toowoomba, with smaller urban areas in the townships of Clifton, Crows Nest, Goombungee, Millmerran, Oakey, Pittsworth and Yarraman, and numerous villages.

What local government is Toowoomba?

The below map is for visual representation purposes only….Toowoomba local government area.

Name: Toowoomba
% total Qld: 0.8%

What areas are classed as regional Queensland?

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Postcode Name Urban Area
4506 Morayfield Brisbane
4226 Robina Gold Coast
4209 Upper Coomera Gold Coast
4650 Maryborough

What is considered regional Qld?

The area contains Brisbane, the state’s capital city, as well as the Logan City, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and the Lockyer Valley. The region is the major administrative and commercial centre and focus of tourism within Queensland.

What government area is Toowoomba?

Toowoomba local government area

Name: Toowoomba
Area type: Local government area
Total area: 12,975.4 km²
% total Qld: 0.8%

Is Toowoomba an LGA?

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Name: Toowoomba
Area type: Local government area
Total area: 12,975.4 km²
% total Qld: 0.8%

How many regional areas does Queensland have?

7 regions
Queensland—general information It has 7 regions and spans 1.7 million square kilometres.

Is regional and rural the same?

Regional cities are now stark in their difference to small country towns and, says Kim Houghton of the Regional Australia Institute, regional no longer means rural.

Why is Toowoomba called Toowoomba?

Tom Alford from Toowoomba shared the story of the naming of Toowoomba, by his great-great grandmother. She originally named her house “Toowoomba” after the local Indigenous word for the two springs in the area. The name was eventually adopted as that of the town.

What LGA is pittsworth?

Toowoomba Region
Pittsworth is a rural town and locality in the Toowoomba Region, Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census, the locality of Pittsworth had a population of 3,294 people….Pittsworth, Queensland.

Pittsworth Queensland
Area 59.3 km2 (22.9 sq mi)
Time zone AEST (UTC+10:00)
LGA(s) Toowoomba Region
State electorate(s) Condamine