What should be in an AQA EPQ presentation?

What should be in an AQA EPQ presentation?

There are six central pieces of content that you should include in your presentation, which include the following:

  1. What your EPQ topic was about.
  2. The reasons behind your topic.
  3. Your aims and objectives.
  4. Research covered.
  5. What lessons you’ve learned.
  6. How it will impact your future.

What makes a good EPQ presentation?

Your presentation should be informative, creative and you should aim to interact with your non-specialist audience. Your presentation should include: TITLE – The title of your essay or the name of your artefact project. REASON – An explanation of why this project was chosen and its relevance to you.

Do you have to do a presentation for your EPQ?

At the end of an Extended Project Qualification, all candidates need to present their work. This is part of the assessment and – yes – it is absolutely compulsory. The presentation needs to last for ten minutes, followed by five to ten minutes of questions (which we’ll talk about in more detail below).

How are EPQ presentations marked?

How is the EPQ marked? You’ll need to get a grade between A* and E in order to be awarded the EPQ – anything lower than an E means you don’t get the qualification, so it’s slightly different from A-levels in that respect.

What should an EPQ introduction include?

Your introduction paragraph needs to be slightly shorter than your average subtitle paragraph. Usually about 200-300 words, the introduction will basically talk about what’s to come in your EPQ essay. If you make your introduction too long, you waste space that you might need for your research/explanations.

Is it difficult to get an A * in EPQ?

As of June 2017, 97.7% of people taking EPQs achieve an E grade or better. This sounds good, but there are a few hidden factors that you might not be aware of. For one, only 17.7 % of students achieved an A* for their EPQ. That means only 17.7% of students earned the maximum of 28 UCAS points for all their hard work.

What percentage get an A in EPQ?

For one, only 17.7 % of students achieved an A* for their EPQ.

How many marks for an A * in EPQ?

In 2019, the grade boundaries for the AQA EPQ were, out of a possible fifty marks, 45 for an A*, 40 for an A, 35 for a B, and 30 for a C.

Do Unis actually care about EPQ?

Although all universities recognise EPQ as a great opportunity for applicants to develop their research and academic skills, not all universities place EPQ as an integral part of their decision for accepting applicants, specifically in terms of becoming a condition in offers.