What should be included in a holiday party invitation?

What should be included in a holiday party invitation?

No matter what type of holiday party you’re planning, make sure to share all the basic event details with guests to ensure a successful party! Date, time, location, dress code, and any gifts or food guests should bring are all things you should consider including in your holiday party invitation!

What do you put in a Christmas party invitation?

Holiday Party Invitation Wording

  1. Celebrate the season with us! You’re invited to a holiday party for family and friends.
  2. We’re hosting a holiday open house, we hope you’ll join us!
  3. Cheers! Please join us for an evening of festive drinks and merry-making.
  4. Home for the holidays? Come visit us for a family celebration!

How do you announce a Christmas party?

Here’s some wording you could use for just about any holiday party invite.

  1. We Ho-Ho-Hope You Can Join Us For Our. 4th Annual Christmas Party. Saturday, December 17, 2022.
  2. Friends, family, and holiday cheer, Make Christmas the most wonderful time of the year!
  3. ‘Tis the Season For A. Holly Jolly Christmas Party.

How do you send Christmas invitations?


  1. Match your invitation to the style of the party. The look and feel of the invite will give guests an idea of what to expect, in terms of formal vs.
  2. Include all the relevant details.
  3. Use Smilebox’s RSVP tracker.
  4. Send out your invitation last-minute.
  5. Be vague about who is invited.
  6. Pick a boring design.

How do I send a holiday party email?

[Company name] cordially invites you and your family to our holiday party. From [time] to [time], on [day of week], [date]. Please come to the [location name, location address]. Casual holiday attire.

How far in advance do you send holiday party invitations?

Answer: Send holiday party invitations out two to three weeks in advance. In order to account for all of the parties that family and friends will get invited to during the holiday season, send your holiday party invitations in advance so guests can lock your party into their holiday schedule.

How far in advance do you send Christmas party invitations?

3-4 weeks
Send out your invitation last-minute If you want guests to fit your holiday gathering into their busy December schedules, you gotta get those invites out at least 3-4 weeks in advance.