What should I study for the HESI?

What should I study for the HESI?

The HESI Test focuses on nine specific subjects. These are Vocabulary and General Knowledge, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Basic Math Skills, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, and Physics.

How long should you study for the HESI?

5-6 weeks
HESI Study Timeframe Most experts recommend studying for 5-6 weeks when preparing for this exam. This is a great time frame to avoid cramming and better learn and review information.

Is an 80 on the HESI good?

Each section is scored separately on a scale from 0 to 100. Schools set their own passing scores for the HESI exam….HESI Scores Breakdown.

Percentage Score Breakdown
80% to 89% Very Good
75% to 79% Satisfactory
Below 75% Needs Improvement

Can I use paper on the HESI?

Testers will be allowed one plain piece of scratch paper and a pencil during testing.

How can I improve my HESI score?

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  1. Know the Exam.
  2. Read Everything Carefully.
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  4. Know That There Is No “Pass” or “Fail”
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  6. Create a Study Schedule.
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  8. Find Out Which Tests You Need.

How to prepare for the Hesi exam?

HESI® Tips and Tricks 1 Pace Yourself. The HESI® exam is timed as a whole exam, but the individual sections are not (even though there are guidelines for approximately how long is allotted for each 2 Ensure You Prepare Physically for the Mental Challenge. 3 Read the Instructions Carefully.

What is the Hesi A2 exam?

What is the HESI A2? The HESI A2 (also known as the Evolve Reach Admissions Assessment) is a common nursing school entrance exam.

How many questions are on the Hesi chemistry exam?

The Chemistry section of the HESI exam should take about 25 minutes and is part of the science section, which asks 30 questions in total (though only 25 are actually scored).

How long are my Hesi test scores valid for?

HESI® scores are valid for two years from the date of completion of the exam. Finding our practice test questions for the HESI exam helpful?