What size aluminum wire do I need for a 100 amp service?

What size aluminum wire do I need for a 100 amp service?

For 100 AMP service, you’ll need a #4 AWG copper wire or #2 AWG aluminum or copper-clad wire. Make sure to limit your voltage drop to 3% regardless of distance.

Is #2 aluminum good for 100 amp service?

If you decided to use aluminum wire for your 100 amp sub panel, you should therefore use #2 aluminum wires to avoid malfunctions such as short circuits that may cause electrical damage to your components.

Is aluminum wire OK for sub panel?

Safety concerns caused aluminum wire to be banned from use in branch circuits years ago, but it is a common option for feeding main service panels and subpanels.

How many amps will #6 aluminum wire carry?

Allowable Ampacities of Insulated Aluminum or CopperClad Aluminum Conductors

Conductor Size (AWG/KCMIL) 60°C (140°F) TW, UF 75°C (167°F) RHW, THHW, THW, THWN, XHHW, USE, ZW
8 35 40
6 40 50
4 55 65
3 65 75

How many amps is #4 aluminum good for?

What is the ampacity of #2 aluminum?

Example: What is #2 AWG wire rated for? Just check the chart, and you will see that 2 AWG gauge aluminum wire has a 90A ampacity at a median 75°C (167°F) temperature.

What size conduit and wire do you use on a 100 amp service?

What Size Conduit You Need for 100 Amp Service. A 100 amp service will need a minimum of 1.25 inches, schedule 40 or 80 PVC grey electric conduit.

How many amps can number 2 aluminum wire carry?

Wire Size & Amp Ratings

Copper Aluminum
2 95 100
1 115
1/0 135
2/0 150

What size ground wire do I need for a 100 amp service?

You are correct that for a 100A feeder, the associated ground wire needs to be an 8AWG copper or 6AWG aluminum wire.

How far can you run 4 0 aluminum wire?

Copper SEC Wire Size for Long Runs for 200A Service
Cable Size1 Distance 8 Ft. / M Voltage Drop %
3/0 AWG 200 / 60 2.45
4/0 AWG 250 – 2607 / 75 2.89
4/0 AWG 250 / 75 2.58

How far can I run #2 aluminum wire?

Example calcuation 2 – Aluminum Wire, 1 phase power Cable run: 400 ft. 1 conductor per phase utilizing a 1000 kcmil Aluminum conductor installed Direct Buried will limit the voltage drop to 2.61% or less when supplying 194 amps for 400.0 feet on a 240 volt 1 phase system.