What size bolts LS1 intake manifold?

What size bolts LS1 intake manifold?

ICT Billet 551429 Intake Manifold Bolt Kit, LS Car

Overall Length 4.5″
Under Head Length 4.25″
Thread Pitch M6x1.0
Wrench Type Hex

Can I reuse my intake manifold bolts?

You can absolutely reuse them regardless, and ARP specifically you can virtually always reuse. I tend to toss torqued fastners at overhaul – but not for an intake swap.

Should you use Loctite on intake manifold bolts?

It’s specified because it’s required so I suggest you use blue Loctite (medium strength / removable) to secure the bolts. Red Loctite (high-strength / permanent) is not desireable there and often requres heat to release / remove the fastener. I always use blue Loctite when bolting the manifold down with great results.

How do you clean intake bolts?

Clean the threads with brake cleaner or degreaser. I like Permatex #2. It stays tacky. Just do one bolt at a time, dont need washers.

Can Felpro intake gaskets be reused?

Never. The last guy that did that is still serving his 6-8 yrs in Folsum. You shouldn’t be able to remove a gasket anyway if it was “glued” correctly.

Do you put threadlocker on head bolts?

Should I use threadlocker on head studs and bolts? NO. Ok, maybe that was a bit harsh, but you should never use thread locker on head bolts.

How often should you clean intake manifold?

Most of the dirt is cleaned by the airfilter before air intake is hapening inside an engine. If the car is in factory condition then there is no need to clean the intake. You can clean when the car is at every second service or at 30K kms or whenever the filter is replaced.

Can you reuse LS intake gaskets?

I would not reuse them. Too easy to have a intake leak with used gaskets. Some will say you can, but it’s not worth having to redo it just because you reused the gaskets!

Can I reuse my intake plenum gasket?

The plenum gasket can be re-used….but like my engine builder pointed out….if the motor has high milage, then the gasket has gone through TONS of heat cycles and may not seal properly. If it has fairly low mileage, then I’d say you’d be ok.

What is the torque for intake manifold?

Intake Manifold to Cylinder Head In the GM 350-cubic-inch engine, the intake manifold bolts to the cylinder head with 33 foot-pounds of torque.

Are Felpro intake gaskets reusable?