What Thetford cassette do I have?

What Thetford cassette do I have?

Using the data sticker to identify your Thetford toilet model. If you are not sure which model toilet you have, you will find a data sticker attached to the base of the toilet beneath the waste holding tank. The model number will be printed at the beginning above the barcode – as shown below.

What is the capacity of a Thetford C200 cassette?

17 Ltr

C200 Cassette Specifications
Model C200CW C200CS
Waste Tank Capacity 17 Ltr 17 Ltr
Flush Water Capacity 7 Ltr Direct Flush
Colour White White

How many Litres does a Thetford cassette toilet hold?

The tank features a practical pull out handle and wheels for easy moving and emptying. The tank can hold up to 18L of waste water and includes a float level to indicate when the tank needs emptying.

Which RV toilet do I have?

The model number is inside under the toilet. Most common are model 300 (plastic) or 310(ceramic). It’s usually down near the floor, behind the bowl. If you have a phone with a camera, you might be able to get your arm back there and take a pic of it.

How big is Thetford cassette toilet?

4.75 gal. (18L) waste tank capacity. Waste tank level indicator. Integrated no-splash pour spout.

How much water do you put in a Thetford toilet?

Dose 150 ml per 20L waste-holding tank capacity. Add 2-3L of water to ensure optimal performance of the toilet.

Do cassette toilets smell?

Most of the time, the smell of cassette toilets increases when you choose to use them both for solids and liquids. Although you can also fix cassette toilets for emergencies, especially in your van, it is essential to keep them clean. Here is how you can keep it smelling fresh.

Are Thetford RV toilets universal?

Both Thetford & Dometic toilets will interchange with each other and these newer models are much more water efficient. Both Thetford & Dometic still offer plastic toilets that perform great and are an excellent value.

What is Thetford cassette C-200?

Thetford Cassette C-200 är ett toalettsystem för husvagnar och husbilar. Toaletten Thetford Cassette C-200 CS kopplas till fordonets vattensystem och spolning sker med hjälp av en magnetventil (12V). Vi rekommenderar att använda svetsfogen runt toalettens underkant för att fästa in duschkaret.

Can Thetford cassette toilets be used in cold weather?

WINTER USE You can continue to use your Thetford cassette toilet in cold weather, as long as the toilet is situated in a heated location. If not, there is a risk of freezing.

How to use the toilette C-200 CS cassette?

La toilette C-200 CS Cassette se raccorde directement au système d’alimentation en eau du véhicule et le rinçage s’effectue a l’aide d’une chasse d’eau électrique (12V). II est possible d’adapter la toilette C-200 sur un bac à douche spécialement conçu (sur-élévé) à cet effet.

What are the specifications of La Cassetta C-200 CS?

La Cassetta C-200 CS viene alimentata a 12V (CC) tramite una batteria oppure un trasformatore (non inferiore a 5 Amp). 8. Al fine di ottenere un buon risciacquo, il tubo di immissione della toilette deve avere le caratteristiche seguenti: – una pressione minima di 0,5 bar. – una portata minima di 6 litri/min. 9.