What time does duronto reach Mumbai?

What time does duronto reach Mumbai?

The Csmt Duronto Ex 12290 duronto departs from Nagpur at 08:40 hrs and arrives at C Shivaji Mah T at 08:05 hrs.

How can I go to Indore from Mumbai by train?

Mumbai to Indore Trains

  1. 22943Daund Indore ExRuns on: SMTWTFS Mail/Express ( 22943 Running Status ) KYN. Kalyan Jn. 18:25. 14hr 5min. INDB. Indore Jn Bg. 08:30. SL3A2S2A. 460. – – – – – –
  2. 12961Avantika ExpRuns on: SMTWTFS Mail/Express ( 12961 Running Status ) MMCT. Mumbai Central. 20:55. 13hr. INDB. Indore Jn Bg. 09:55. SL3A2S2A1A. 455.

Does Duronto stop in Kalyan?

SPECIAL TRAINS BETWEEN MUMBAI AND SEALDAH These train will halt at Kalyan, Nashik Road, Bhusaval, Itarsi, Jabalpur, Katni, Satna, Manikpur, Prayagraj Chheoki, Mirzapur, Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Jn., Gaya, Dhanbad Jn., Asansol Jn. and Durgapur. It will have 4 AC-3 Tier, 9 Sleeper and 7 Second class seating.

Which train is Indore?

Indore Junction Bg Train Station

Train name (no.) passing via Indore Junction Bg Arrives W
Asr Indb Express (19326) 03:00 Y
Ngp Indore Express (12924) 05:50 Y
Bix Indb Express (21126) 07:55 Y
Shipra Express (22912) 01:35 N

Are Duronto trains running?

Get 12246 Duronto Express train live running status. 12246 Duronto Express train runs from Yesvantpur Jn (YPR) to Howrah Jn (HWH) on Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun….12246 Duronto Express Running Status.

Station Yesvantpur Jn –
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled Source
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled 11:00 11:00
Delay On Time

Is food available in duronto train?

The Indian Railways now decided to serve freshly cooked food in Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto, Vande Bharat, Tejas, and Gatiman Express trains.

How many train start from Indore?

Indore Junction Bg Train Station

Train name (no.) passing via Indore Junction Bg Arrives M
Indb Ajmer Special (09311) Starts N
Ahilyanagari Express (22646) 05:15 N
Gwl Indb Express (11126) 07:55 Y
Asr Indb Express (19326) 03:00 N

How many trains are running in Indore Junction?

When was duronto Express started?

Introduced in the year 2009, the first Duronto Express ran from Sealdah, Kolkata to New Delhi. It was introduced by the then railway minister, Mamta Banerjee to introduce high-speed trains across India.