What town in Illinois did the tornado hit?

What town in Illinois did the tornado hit?

Edwardsville, Illinois Time: 8:28-8:32 p.m. The tornado touched down just northeast of the Interstate 270/255 interchange at 8:28 p.m. and intensified as it moved toward an Amazon warehouse.

Where did the tornado land in Illinois?

Weather service staffers who surveyed storm damage Friday determined that an EF-2 tornado with a 26-mile-long (42-kilometer-long) path touched down Thursday night in the Wabash County town of Keensburg before sweeping across the south side of Mount Carmel, the county seat.

Which part of Illinois is affected by tornadoes?

Tornadoes have been common across central Illinois over the years, with lesser totals reported across southeast portions of the state. The map below shows the number of tornadoes reported across the Lincoln NWS’s County Warning Area between 1950 and 2021.

What town did the tornado hit in Chicago?

According to a public information statement sent by NWS on Saturday night, the tornado touched down in Cedar Lake, located 45 miles to the southeast of Chicago and just across the Illinois-Indiana border.

Where did the tornado hit in Illinois last night?

An EF-0 tornado touched down in Oak Brook as severe storms swept through northern Illinois Saturday evening. The National Weather Service confirmed that it was the weakest level of tornadoes on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.

What suburb tornado hit Chicago?

The Chicago suburbs of Naperville and Woodridge, about 25 miles southwest of the city, appeared to be hardest hit. As the storm swept through this area, the Weather Service warned of “a confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado.”

Where was the tornado in Illinois last night?

CHICAGO (CBS) — Severe weather caused damage in parts of the Chicago area Saturday night. An EF-0 tornado touched down in Oak Brook, Illinois, Saturday, the National Weather Service confirmed. Video from the Oak Brook Park District Recreation Center shows the tornado sweeping through the parking lot.

Does Naperville have tornadoes?

Sunday’s was the most damaging. Sunday’s EF-3 tornado was the strongest on record to touch down in Naperville in the last 110 years. Before 2007, tornadoes were rated on the Fujita scale, or F Scale, based on damage intensity.

Was there a tornado in Oak Brook Illinois?

The tornado initially touched down near the Hilton Hotel and Willow Crest Golf Club before ending in Oak Brook’s Central Park approximately three minutes later, according to the NWS. The Oak Brook tornado was one of three to hit northern Illinois during the storms.

Does Southern Illinois get tornadoes?

Listed below are confirmed killer tornadoes listed by date in Southern Illinois, United States. Modern record keeping in the region began in the 1880s, although there were undoubtedly many other deaths that have been lost to history.

Does Northern Illinois get tornadoes?

3 Tornadoes Reportedly Touched Down in Northern Illinois this Weekend. Here’s Where – NBC Chicago.

How many tornadoes has Illinois had in 2021?

Recent Tornado Data

Year Tornado Reports Injuries
2021* 81 13
2020 74 2
2019 51 1
2018 60 22

When was the last time a tornado hit Naperville?

– A tornado touched down in the Chicago suburb of Naperville, Illinois at 11 p.m. on Sunday, June 20 – leaving a path of destruction stretching through several neighborhoods in the area.