What ward do I live in Mumbai?

What ward do I live in Mumbai?

BMC ward list area wise

Ward Name Areas under this Ward
Ward G South N. M. Joshi Marg and Worli
Ward H East Eastern parts of Bandra, Khar, Santacruz, parts of CST Road, Vile Parle, Mahim and Dharavi.
Ward H West Bandra, parts of Khar and Santacruz
Ward K East Andheri (East) Vile Parle (East) Jogeshwari (East)

What is Mumbai taluka Ward?

There are 19 Divisions in Mumbai City Taluka from Zone 1 to 19 i.e. Colaba, Fort, Princes Dock, Mandvi, Bhuleshwar, Girgaum, Malbahar Hill and Cumbala Hill, Tardeo, Byculla, Mazgaon, Parel – Sewri, Lower – Parle, Worli, Dadar – Naigaum, Matunga, Salt Pan, Mahim, Dharavi, and Sion.

What is ward name?

A ward is also the name given to a child who is watched over by someone other than his parents. Sometimes children are known as “wards of the state,” meaning they have been taken from their homes. Definitions of ward. a person who is under the protection or in the custody of another.

What are the examples of ward?

The definition of a ward is a wing of a hospital, a division of a prison, or a person, especially a child, who is dependent upon the care and support of an appointed guardian. An example of a ward is the children’s wing of the hospital. An example of ward is a child who is in foster care.

What is Ward A in Mumbai?

Administrative divisions of Mumbai

Ward Population
A 210,926
B 140,480
C 190,670
D 378,610

Which ward is Andheri West?

K West

H East Khar/Santacruz 13.5
H West Bandra 11.6
K East Andheri (East) 24.8
K West Andheri (West) 23.4

Who is called ward?

a person, especially a minor, who has been legally placed under the care of a guardian or a court. the state of being under the care or control of a legal guardian. guardianship over a minor or some other person legally incapable of managing his or her own affairs.

What is unit ward?

A hospital unit which, as defined in the UK, consists of a group of inpatient beds in one or more rooms with associated treatment facilities, which is managed by a senior nurse; alternatively, one room may be divided into more than one ward.

What are types of Ward?


  • CAUSALITY. At the hospital a separate accident & emergency unit functions round the clock to deal with different types of medical and surgical contingencies.
  • CCU.
  • ICCU.
  • SICU.

What is ward No?

So the Income Tax Ward/ Circle/ Range No./AO Code is the number that has been assigned to the Income Tax Assessing Officer who would be monitoring your Income Tax Return. In case of any discrepancy, they also have the powers to scrutinise your tax returns and demand for extra payment of taxes.

What is residence ward?

noun. a division or district of a city or town, as for administrative or political purposes. one of the districts into which certain English and Scottish boroughs are divided. a division, floor, or room of a hospital for a particular class or group of patients: a convalescent ward; a critical ward.