What was Menander known for?

What was Menander known for?

Menander, (born c. 342—died c. 292 bce), Athenian dramatist whom ancient critics considered the supreme poet of Greek New Comedy—i.e., the last flowering of Athenian stage comedy. During his life, his success was limited; although he wrote more than 100 plays, he won only eight victories at Athenian dramatic festivals.

Was Aristophanes friends with Socrates?

Aristotle did not know Socrates’ thought except through reports oral or written; Aristophanes, Xenophon, and Plot knew Socrates himself. While Xenophon and Plato were friends and admirers of Socrates, Aristophanes was not; he seems to present Socrates as a sophist in the Socratic sense of the term.

What is Menander known as in the Buddhist texts?

Menander was also a patron of Buddhism, and his conversations with the Buddhist sage Nagasena are recorded in the important Buddhist work, the Milinda Panha (“The Questions of King Milinda”; panha meaning “question” in Pali)….

Menander I
Issue Strato I
Dynasty Euthydemid dynasty
Religion Greco-Buddhism Formerly Hellenism

What is Menander also referred as?

The correct answer is Indo-Greek ruler. Key Points. The most famous Indo-Greek ruler to rule over India noted for his justice and popularity with his subjects was Menander. Menander was an Indo-Greek king who was converted to Buddhism by the Nagasena. Menander was also known as Minadra or Milinda in various Pali texts.

Who was Socrates best friend?

Plato and Socrates on Friendship.

Why was Aristophanes work so controversial in ancient Athens?

A large part of his work is concerned with the social, literary, and philosophical life of Athens itself and with themes provoked by the Peloponnesian War (431–404 bce). That war was essentially a conflict between imperialist Athens and conservative Sparta and so was long the dominant issue in Athenian politics.

What type of ruler was Menander?

Menander was probably the Indo-Greek king who was converted to Buddhism by the holy man Nagasena after a prolonged and intelligent discussion, which has been recorded in the Milinda-panha.

How is Plato related to Socrates?

Plato was a philosopher during the 5th century BCE. He was a student of Socrates and later taught Aristotle. He founded the Academy, an academic program which many consider to be the first Western university. Plato wrote many philosophical texts—at least 25.

Was Aristophanes a student of Socrates?

There is no evidence that Aristophanes and Socrates were personally acquainted. There have been, ever since antiquity, scholars who are tempted to…

Is Aristophanes a cultist?

While talking with Sokrates about Hermippos near the Akropolis Sanctuary, Aristophanes was approached by Kassandra, who questioned him about his conflict with Hermippos. Aristophanes requested Kassandra to look for Hermippos and investigate his affiliation with Kleon, and learned of his affiliation with the Cult.

Where did Menander establish his rule in India?

Answer. Answer: Menander was initially a king of Bactria. After conquering the Punjab he established an empire in the Indian Subcontinent stretching from the Kabul River valley in the west to the Ravi River in the east, and from the Swat River valley in the north to Arachosia (the Helmand Province).