What weapons can you find re4?

What weapons can you find re4?

Every Weapon In Resident Evil 4, Ranked From Worst To Best

  • 8 Riot Gun.
  • 9 Broken Butterfly.
  • 10 Punisher.
  • 11 Mine Thrower.
  • 12 The Knife.
  • 13 Rifle. Costs 7,000 pts.
  • 14 Rocket Launcher. Costs 30,000 pts from the merchant.
  • 15 Shotgun. Found in a house in the first chapter during the first big attack in the village.

Can you find the riot gun in re4?

It can be purchased in the main game from the Merchant for 32,000₧ after the Player enters the castle and finds The Merchant. It takes up 16 (8×2) spaces of inventory and uses Shotgun Shells. Compared to the other Shotguns, the Riot Gun has a tighter pellet spread.

Is the Broken Butterfly worth it?

Broken Butterfly is clearly better though. But being the Killer 7 has much better base stats if you didn’t upgrade the broken butterlfy much at all by the time the Killer 7 is available the Killer 7 is obviously better short term. Broken Butterfly is only Obviously better, after you give it it’s exclusive upgrade.

What do you get for beating re4?

After you beat the game, this weapon is offered for sale by all the merchants you encounter for 1 million pesetas. With it, you can kill almost any enemy in the game, including Leon and Ashley.

Is riot gun better than shotgun?

from what i understand the riot gun has a tighter spread then the shotgun making it superior at range. its exlusive gives its a 2 point dmg bonus over the standard shotgun. however the standard shotguns exclusive allows for zero dmg drop off. i dont plan to use it as a sniper rifle just pop heads at 10 yards or closer.

Can you upgrade the Punisher in Resident Evil 4?

The Exclusive Upgrade for the Punisher allows you to shoot through five enemies at once! It costs 40,000 PTAS. You get the Punisher for free if you shoot 10 blue medallions. However, if you shoot all 15 before purchasing it, you’ll get it for free and it the Firepower will be upgraded to Level 2.

Should you take the rocket launcher re4?

The Rocket Launcher that is found is best to save and use against either the pair of Garradores or Verdugo later in the game, Although it makes fighting certain enemies much easier, players should consider not using it for every encounter as they are very expensive. It is not advisable to use against Krauser.

What is the highest difficulty in RE4?

The hardest difficulty in the game, Professional mode is the perfect way to revisit Resident Evil 4 on repeat playthroughs. Not only do enemies take less damage, they also hit harder and aggro at Leon much faster.

Is the broken butterfly worth it?

How do you unlock Matilda in Resident Evil 4?

The Matilda (マチルダ, machiruda?) is a special burst-fire Handgun that appears in Resident Evil 4. It can be bought only after completing the game once. The weapon is a reference to Resident Evil 2 as it modeled after Leon’s upgraded handgun and is unlocked alongside his R.P.D. costume, which is also from the past title.