What were they thinking AVGN?

What were they thinking AVGN?

What Were They Thinking? is a recurring quote that’s often said by the Angry Video Game Nerd. He usually says the quote when something very absurd and “idiotic” happens in a game. The quote was first used in Dr. Jekyll and Mr.

Is Puppet Steve the irate gamer?

As of 2017, The Irate Gamer appeared to be dead, with only a comment that he was retired and had moved on to Puppet Steve. However, in 2018 Chris rebooted the series, dropping the “Irate Gamer” tag and rebranding it as “Chris-Tube” and started the Chris Neo show.

What happened to the AVGN?

When asked if the Nerd is going to make reviews in the current generation of video games, Rolfe replied that the “show is all about nostalgia,” adding that he’s “mostly a retro gamer.” In late 2007, Rolfe halted the production of the series after suffering from a break in his voice.

Who is behind puppet Steve?

Chris Bores
Chris Bores is an American actor and game reviewer. Bores is best known for being the creator of the controversial web-series Irate Gamer, which has been active since 2007. Bores also launched the YouTube channel Puppet Steve in 2016, which has accumulated half a million subscribers in less than 2 years.

How many kids does AVGN?

From 2007-2011 his AVGN series was on Gametrailers, but was then brought back to YouTube in July 2012. Instead of a new episode once every 2-3 weeks, he has cut back to one episode every 2 months….

James Rolfe
Education The University of the Arts (BA)
Spouse April Rolfe (2007-present)
Children 2

Is Avgn an alcoholic?

Drinking game for The Angry Video Game Nerd (non-alcoholic version unless you like alcohol poisoning): The drinking game starts after the intro theme song. Otherwise, there’s a chance you’ll be done before the Nerd even begins the review.

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