What year did SSS forks come out?

What year did SSS forks come out?

Amazingly, Kayaba SSS suspension, the forks and shock, were first introduced in 2006, and over the ensuing 11 years, nothing has come close to matching their performance.

What Forks does Kawasaki use?

Kawasaki has traditionally used KYB, but the KX250F started to use Showa from ’06, while the KX450F remains KYB. The KX125 and 250 models have run KYB for all eternity. Kawasaki was the first company to use the 48mm fork in ’01 and it took till ’04 for Yamaha to catch-up.

When did Yamaha start using KYB suspension?

Yamaha named their 2006 + suspension SSS as a marketing thing with the KYB components. What Yamaha had over the Honda units was the R&D with the help of KYB that have very good specs from the showroom floor.

Is Kayaba and KYB the same?

KYB Corporation (KYB株式会社, KYB kabushiki gaisha, formerly Kayaba Kogyo kabushiki gaisha (カヤバ工業株式会社) until 1 October 2015) is a Japanese, Tokyo-based automotive company. Among KYB’s main products company are shock absorbers, air suspensions, power steering systems, hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders, and valves.

Is KYB the same as Kayaba?

How do SFF forks work?

SFF means Separate Function Fork because each fork leg performs a separate function. The left leg contains the damping cartridge and the right fork leg contains the pneumatic air spring. TAC means Triple Air Chamber. The right fork leg houses three pneumatic air chambers to tune the air spring side of the fork.

Is KYB owned by Yamaha?

This sale will make the subsidiary a joint venture that will be 66.6% owned by KYB and 33.4% owned by Yamaha Motor….Overseas cooperation between KYB and Yamaha.

Company name: KYB Motorcycle Suspension India Pvt. Ltd.
Ownership: KYB 100%
Production volume: 285,000 in 2014, 1,600,000 in 2018 (planned)

How much oil goes in a KYB fork?

Simply put your forks in a vice or bikes triple clamps and loosen the top nut on the fork. That will allow the outer chamber to slide down. Pour the oil into a measuring jug and measure how much was in there. Standard level is around 330-340ml, minimum is 300 max is 380ml.

Is KYB made in China?

KYB doesn’t manufacture in China last I knew, so suspension labeled as “KYB China” is counterfeit.

How long does KYB shocks last?

The only dig on KYB shocks is that they only last 7-9 years on average. While this is the typical lifespan for shocks, higher-end brands can last even longer.

Should I Revalve my suspension?

The reason to revalve your suspension is to customize it so it works perfectly for you. As an example, if you push the front end really hard into corners on the track, you’ll want a stiffer fork valving.

What does a suspension Revalve do?

At Factory Connection, the term “Revalve” means the modifying of the suspension component to improve the performance to better suit the riders skill set and needs.

How long do KYB shocks last?

Is KYB made in Japan?

KYB is the largest hydraulic manufacturer in Japan, and one of the world’s largest suppliers of original equipment (OE) shock absorbers to vehicle manufacturers.