When did Arsenal beat Tottenham 5 2?

When did Arsenal beat Tottenham 5 2?

November 2012
Arsenal’s Theo Walcott and William Gallas of Tottenham in the North London Derby of November 2012 which the Gunners won 5–2.

How many goals did Tottenham score in 2012?

66 goals
The season was also notable for the fact that Tottenham achieved their record points tally in a Premier League season, 72 points from 38 games. They scored 66 goals and conceded 46 throughout the course of the Premier League season, ending with a goal difference of +20.

When did Arsenal win the league at White Hart Lane?

Arsenal clinched the Premier League title by drawing 2-2 with Tottenham at White Hart Lane on this day in 2004, and they went on to end the league campaign unbeaten.

How many times has Arsenal won Tottenham?

Arsenal have won 13 league titles compared to Tottenham’s two, and overall Arsenal have won 27 major honours compared to Tottenham’s 17. The big difference, of course, is in the number of league titles—that’s the true measure of the greatness of any team in England.

When did Tottenham last beat Arsenal at Emirates?

Since Arsenal moved to the Emirates Stadium from Highbury in the summer of 2006, Tottenham have only come away with one victory in the Premier League; a 3-2 comeback victory in November 2011.

When did Arsenal finish above Spurs?

Arsenal finished above Tottenham for 21 successive league campaign, stretching from the 1995-96 season, up until the 15-16 season. That streak was broken in the 2016/17 season, when Arsenal fell out of the top four, while Tottenham finished in second.

Are Spurs bigger than Arsenal?

By 2019 Spurs had a revenue 17% bigger than Arsenal’s (£435million compared to £371m) and, according to Deloitte, are comfortably in the top ten richest clubs while Arsenal have slipped from sixth to 11th since 2017.

Is Arsenal better than Spurs?

Is Tottenham Hotspur better than Arsenal FC? Currently Tottenham Hotspur has a better 1vs1 performance index with 93. Tottenham Hotspur has 57 goals and Arsenal FC has a total of 56 goals. Our opinion is that currently Tottenham Hotspur would win the match.

Who is better Arsenal or Tottenham?

In 181 games between them, Arsenal have won more, beating Tottenham 76 times. Spurs have won 56 of the matches and there have been 49 draws. The Gunners won the last meeting – their 76th victory – on November 18 2017 when they won 2-0 at the Emirates Stadium, with goals coming from Shkodran Mustafi and Alexis Sanchez.

Who is biggest team in London?

Chelsea. These are London’s undisputed European champions, no wonder their motto is the ‘pride of London’. Most football fans refer to Chelsea as the biggest football club in London; from their great success and the recent humiliation they have been offering Arsenal in the European Cups.

Who has more history Arsenal or Tottenham?


Tables Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur
Total Total
Wins 72 58
Draws 49 49
Losses 58 72