When is a mastectomy recommended for DCIS?

When is a mastectomy recommended for DCIS?

Mastectomy involves removal of the whole breast and is usually recommended if the DCIS affects a large area of the breast, if it has not been possible to get a clear area of normal tissue around the DCIS by wide local excision, or if there is more than one area of DCIS.

Is mastectomy more expensive than lumpectomy?

Although hospital inpatient fees were significantly less for lumpectomy ($5741) than for mastectomy ($7328), mean total physician fees were significantly higher for lumpectomy ($4505).

Should I get a double mastectomy for DCIS?

“The findings suggest that patients and their doctors should focus on risk factors and appropriate therapy for the diseased breast, not the opposite breast, and that ipsilateral DCIS should not prompt a bilateral mastectomy.”

Can DCIS spread after mastectomy?

Since DCIS is a noninvasive form of cancer, it does not spread throughout the body (metastasize). For patients having a lumpectomy with radiation, the risk of local recurrence ranges from 5% to 15%. For those having mastectomy, the risk of local recurrence is less than 2%.

Why did I get DCIS?

DCIS forms when genetic mutations occur in the DNA of breast duct cells. The genetic mutations cause the cells to appear abnormal, but the cells don’t yet have the ability to break out of the breast duct. Researchers don’t know exactly what triggers the abnormal cell growth that leads to DCIS.

Do you need radiation after a mastectomy?

When determining whether you should undergo radiation after mastectomy, your doctor considers whether you have: Lymph nodes with signs of breast cancer. Underarm (axillary) lymph nodes that test positive for cancer cells are an indication that some cancer cells have spread beyond the breast. Large tumor size.

What is the survival rate after a mastectomy?

Lumpectomy and radiation: 83.2% 10-year survival rate. Single mastectomy: 79.9% 10-year survival rate. Double mastectomy: 81.2% 10-year survival rate.

Why do I need a lumpectomy instead of a mastectomy?

The main benefit of lumpectomy plus radiation therapy is the breast is preserved as much as possible. A potential benefit of mastectomy is radiation therapy may be avoided. Although some women will need radiation therapy after mastectomy, many will not.

How often is DCIS invasive?

We know that some cases of DCIS will transform into invasive cancer if not treated, but there is a large degree of uncertainty as to just how many—with estimates ranging from 20% to 50% of cases.