When prayers turn to promises not even fate can stand in their way?

When prayers turn to promises not even fate can stand in their way?

Fang: (voiceover): When prayers turn into promises, not even fate can stand in their way. Vanille: We held the light of hope in our hearts, and achieved the impossible.

What happened at the end of ff13?

At the end of the boss battle with the trinity Orphan, it knocks out most of the party, leaving Fang and Vanille to deal with it alone. First it torments Vanille, which it probably did the previous time, too, to convince Fang to turn into Ragnarok.

Who dies in Ffxiii?

Though Serah also appeared in Final Fantasy 13, it wasn’t until Final Fantasy 13-2 that she not only became the main protagonist but also met her untimely demise. In this game, Serah and her companion Noel travel through time to fix paradoxes and restore the proper timeline to what it should be.

Does Final Fantasy XIII include a nude character model for Vanille?

Final Fantasy XIII includes a nude character model for Vanille for the scene where she comes out of crystal stasis. Spoilers end here. The intro cutscene before the title screen of Final Fantasy XIII shows Vanille, but the scene of her overlooking Gran Pulse isn’t part of the actual game.

What does Vanille’s winning declaration mean in Final Fantasy XIII?

While Final Fantasy XIII gets plenty of criticism for its gameplay and in-game mechanics, we can’t deny the fact that there were some serious emotions floating around this story. Vanille’s winning declaration is one that has since stood the test of time, reminding us that the road to success always begins with one word: Hope.

What are some of your favourite Fang/Vanille quotes?

Fang: Revolutionaries always get called crazy. Vanille: When I was on Cocoon, I wished on those fireworks. I wished to not let anything happen to Cocoon this time. But I shouldn’t have wished for that. Wishes aren’t enough.

What did Vanille say to Fang when she turned?

Vanille: Fang? Fang: (as her mark reacts) You turn Cie’th, and there’s no coming back! I’m not…letting it end that way. Fang: What’s he doing here?